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Our experts

The Policy Unit oversees the development of IoD policy on the full range of issues affecting business from trade to taxation, enterprise to education.

Here you will find the profiles of the key individuals in the IoD policy and parliamentary affairs team. They are always keen to hear the views and experiences of IoD members.

Allie Renison IoD expert

Allie Renison

Head of Europe & Trade Policy

Read Allie Renison's bio

Claudia Catelin IoD expert

Claudia Catelin

EU & Trade Analyst

Read Claudia Catelin’s bio

Donjeta Miftari IoD expert

Donjeta Miftari

Head of Communications 

Read Donjeta Miftari's bio

Euan Holmes IoD expert

Euan Holmes

Press Officer

Read Euan Holmes’s bio

Kamile Stankute IoD Website

Kamile Stankute

Parliamentary Affairs Officer

Read Kamile Stankute's bio

Sophie Breeden IoD expert

Sophie Breeden

Campaigns & Projects Manager

Read Sophie Breeden's bio

Roger Barker IoD expert

Roger Barker

Head of Corporate Governance    

Read Roger Barker's bio

Tej Parikh IoD expert

Tej Parikh

Senior Economist

Read Tej Parikh's bio