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Open courses

IoD open courses are specifically designed for directors, covering the wide spectrum of roles, responsibilities and leadership skills that are essential in today’s evolving business landscape.

These director training courses are the perfect form of CPD to enhance your knowledge and skills in a flexible, interactive environment. Our expert practitioners deliver the latest strategic insight and live industry case studies for practical application. IoD open courses can also form part of a tailored training package for you and your organisation.

We also offer the Certificate in Company Direction, a Level 9 (SCQF) qualification which consists of a set courses which can either be taken individually or as part of the Certificate. Each of these courses provide a qualification as a modular award. These courses are marked with an asterisk.

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Online delivery

Our online classroom courses are designed and delivered by directors for directors. We have brought the in-training room experience to life as closely as possible - designing and delivering exceptional online experiences which focus on four key areas:

Courses for directors and senior leaders

Leadership for Directors

Leadership for Directors

This new and improved course will equip senior leaders with the core competencies required for effective leadership at board level with a focus on values, culture and stakeholder engagement.

Director's role in strategy and marketing

Strategy for Directors

This course provides an introduction to the key ideas and approaches to strategic direction and marketing within your organisation. It will assist your role in leading the strategic process.

Role of the director and the board

Role of the Director and the Board

This course provides an essential introduction to the role, duties and legal responsibilities of a director, and to the workings of a board.

Finance for Non-Financial director

Finance for Non-Finance Directors

This course will demystify the world of finance, allowing you to contribute more effectively to boardroom discussion. It will ensure that you develop the skills you need to evaluate and monitor the financial health of a business.

Role of the Managing Director

Role of the Managing Director

This course examines the relationship between the managing director and the board of directors. It further deals with the managing director's accountability, authority and constraints and will enable you to assess your performance and plan your development.

Role of the Non-Executive Director

Role of the Non-Executive Director

This course is designed to equip you with practical skills to prepare for this role, raise your profile and add real value in the boardroom. Includes an evening dinner and drinks reception with a high profile, portfolio NED guest speaker.

Role of the Finance Director

Role of the Finance Director

The finance director is a key member of the board of directors. This comprehensive course demonstrates how to balance the demands of this crucial and complex role to ensure that the financial strategies support the broader corporate aims of the business.

Role of the Company Secretary

Role of the Company Secretary

This course provides a practical overview of the company secretary's duties and responsibilities and the essential knowledge required to fulfil this role successfully.

Role of the Chair

Role of the Chair

The chair has a critical influence on a board's style, composition, balance and performance. This course provides an opportunity to review the key responsibilities of this role with a comprehensive review of current legal requirements and good practice.

Future Directors

Aspiring Director

This programme introduces senior leaders to the role of the director and enables them to gain an understanding of the effective director’s mind-set, while practising some of the key skills and behaviours that drive high-performing boards.