Tomorrow's Director

Our essential e-learning programme for a younger generation of future business leaders.

Tomorrow’s Director is a ground-breaking e-learning programme aimed at meeting the needs of our younger generation of aspiring directors and future business leaders.


This course will give you the knowledge and skills to:

  • identify key aspects of the director’s role, including their legal responsibilities to the organisation and its stakeholders
  • explain the importance of ethical considerations in governance best practice, including environmental and social reporting criteria
  • recognise common leadership qualities and styles
  • explain the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence in leadership
  • describe the key principles of stakeholder management and communication
  • explain methods and processes for risk identification, evaluation and planning
  • define some of the key steps that support effective crisis management

Each of the three modules concludes with a section of a long-form interactive case study. Learners are given the opportunity to make key decisions from a director’s perspective, to guide a newly formed meal-kit delivery company through different stages of its development. As they advance through the case study narrative, learners will encounter different scenarios depending on the quality of the decisions they make.


At a time of sweeping social and technological shifts, more and more businesses want to tap into the insights of the next generation. Those that do not will struggle to survive. Meanwhile, the current and future generations of young leaders will be eager for a seat at the table. To make their mark, they need a strong grasp of how boards operate, and a personal network that can support their rise to the top. Tomorrow’s director is designed to merge these two needs and develop director’s of the future.

As the Royal Charter body for UK directors, we want to lead the next generation of directors and senior business leaders with this unique educational programme. The fully interactive content encourages learners to engage with case studies, real-life examples, and reflective quizzes continually challenging their knowledge as they progress through the course.

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