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West Midlands

WEBINAR Going global, investing in translation to build a global brand

08 Jan 2020

Webinar Going global, investing in translation to build a global brand

One of the most significant barriers to building a global brand is handling language. In fact, 61% of businesses cite a lack of language skills as a key barrier to international expansion.

Having started to build a presence in overseas markets, companies often struggle to manage translations to communicate their brand message effectively in new overseas markets. However, language and cultural differences can be overcome with the right strategic support.
Comtec, a specialist translation service provider, has been helping dynamic, high growth businesses go global for over 35 years. On Wednesday 12th February at 11 am, Comtec Translations’ Director Sophie Howe and Account Manager Emily Decker will be delivering an exclusive webinar for IoD members on going global and the benefits of investing in translation. They will explain how to develop an effective language strategy for business development and marketing materials, and ensure you are getting a return on investment.

In this session, you will learn:
• How investing in translation can help you grow your brand overseas,
• The key steps to understanding your requirements for translation,
• The meaning and differences between common terms including translation, localisation and transcreation,
• How to work effectively with your chosen translation partner; and save time and money,
• The most effective ways of measuring your return on investment.

The Comtec team will also share a case study to provide context and demonstrate how with the right strategy and support, language and cultural differences should not be a barrier to global success.

Who are Comtec Translations?
Comtec has been providing language support to multinational organisations for over 35 years. Clients include SMEs across a wide range of sectors, from manufacturing to digital services companies and everyone in between. Comtec’s clients are united by a common goal to enter new overseas markets successfully and to win more business in existing markets. With a team of specialist linguists, project managers and desktop publishers, Comtec has helped many marketing teams manage their translation requirements seamlessly and produce more successful multilingual sales and marketing materials.

Partnering with a specialist translation company can help you reach and engage overseas customers and build a strong global brand across all your markets. It will help you ensure your sales and marketing materials are on brand, consistent and optimised for each market, helping you win business. A strategic partnership with a trusted translation company can also help you drive efficiencies and get more value from your translation projects.

Emily Decker works with some of Comtec’s most valued multinational clients; she is one of Comtec’s resident experts on delivering fully localised marketing content.

Sophie Howe has over 15 years’ experience in the translation industry and, as the Director of Comtec, she specialises in supporting companies to overcome the challenges of managing language and culture to build truly global brands.


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West Midlands

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