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West Midlands

Meet The Leader: Jamie Turner and Guy Mucklow, PCA Predict

21 Jun 2016

Jamie Turner and Guy Mucklow, the partnership behind PCA Predict, started with a failure, but have since gone on to become the brains of a business with an annual £10m turnover.

Turner, who handles the technical side, and Mucklow, the business, launched during the internet’s relatively early days. Their company, which auto-fills address data from a simple postcode, began with three or four clicks a day and now records a healthy 20 million. It took them eight years to get to 10 employees – they now have 55 and hope to increase turnover to £50m by the decade’s end. “We found our niche and made a lot of noise,” says Mucklow. “It took us four years to get to profitability. Paying £15,000 a month from your back pocket causes you to focus and have a firm conviction.”

Mucklow and Turner talk about:

  • How they complement each other’s strengths
  • Why people thought their pay-per-click model was “bonkers”
  • Why they used the Enterprise Management Incentive to distribute 10 per cent of their shares to their young workforce
  • Why their original company name was causing bemusement in the US
  • How a website design company almost sabotaged their business

Read the full story here.

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West Midlands

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