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Professional Director Series


IoD Professional Director Series | Now available online with virtual delivery

To help you understand your role as a director, and future-proof your board and organisation, we’ve developed our Professional Director Series to be delivered virtually – bringing accessible and digestible CPD straight to you. The whole series – wherever you are in the world - is mapped to the IoD Director Competency Framework, keeping your learning relevant, up-to-date and in line with your professional development ambitions. Whether you’re embarking on the Certificate in Company Direction or are a qualified Chartered Director, this CPD series is the perfect accompaniment – or refresher – to your existing knowledge.

You'll be part of a group of leaders from organisations of all shapes and sizes from across our regions and nations, allowing you to connect, learn from each other, share your setbacks and successes, and encourage each other at the most senior level during these difficult times.

Session Outlines - Virtual Delivery

Step to the Top

This workshop will enable the participants to determine whether they are ready (and willing!) to take the step to the boardroom. Sometimes people find themselves presented with the opportunity to become a board member – perhaps on the basis of either being good at something else (e.g. being a senior manager, an accountant or an engineer) or perhaps by accident! Often, no consideration is given to whether they are board-ready or capable.

This interactive workshop explores what it means to be a director, the duties and obligations that the role brings with it and how it differs from being a manager in an organisation. It also examines the skills, knowledge and mind-set that are required of an effective board member and provide delegates who wish to make the leap to the boardroom with signposting to areas where they can get further support and training in order to develop into confident and effective directors.

Company Purpose and ESG: Driving Long-term Value

Recent years have seen significant changes in the way stakeholders expect organisations to present and run their business, requiring the boards of companies to re-evaluate their purpose within an environmental, social and governance (ESG) context. Boards need a firm grasp of value creation that satisfies all stakeholders, internal and external.

This workshop explores how meaningful purpose statements at the heart of an organisation’s business model bring benefits and drive long-term value creation. It also examines what influences stakeholder demand and introduces different reporting and disclosure frameworks that will help organisations report and communicate their ESG credentials effectively to their stakeholders.

Leading from the Chair

The role of the chair in an organisation is often misunderstood and regularly becomes confused with the role of the CEO. A chair’s role is far more than organising and managing the process of board meeting execution. Analysis of successful organisations has revealed that the leadership role of the chair is vital in order to ensure that the board as a team makes decisions and discharges its duties and obligations effectively. This session will clarify the chair’s leadership role in order to unleash the value creating potential of the board.

Strategic Decision-Making

The aim of this workshop is to equip delegates with ways of strengthening their strategic decision-making ability. In a COVID/post-COVID world, being able to make great decisions around strategy has probably never been more important. This workshop provides insight into the ingredients of effective strategic decision-making and offers practical solutions to the main challenges.

This workshop is based on contemporary research into how directors and leadership teams make effective strategic decisions, and draws on global insight from entrepreneurs and thought- leaders.

The Director's Role in Leading in a Crisis

Leading in a crisis is an uncomfortable place for directors. We are dealing with uncertainty. Until recently, if asked, most business leaders would have said that they have not had to deal with a crisis and hoped that they never would. However, for many businesses crisis has become the norm, with Covid-19 having drastic implications on how organisations operate. A crisis is usually a turning point for an organisation, and directors must make critical decisions to ensure that their business can survive and return to some form of business as usual.

This CPD workshop seeks to draw out the characteristics of crisis leadership and provides a practical model which should help directors and the board navigate its way through a crisis whilst still discharging their legal obligations and responsibilities.

"The only way to improve the event would be to extend it! It was the best training that I have had in a decade and should be mandatory for every board member in every company. Thank you."

Alex Freeman, Green Spur Renewable Limited