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Why it has never been more critical to protect your business from cyber criminals, and the steps you can take

26 Apr 2020

During these challenging times, hackers have looked to take advantage of people’s fears, doubts and at times, lack of clear information or viable solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This has led to an explosion in email phishing (online identity theft) from malicious threat actors who look to exploit the situation using more advanced techniques. Many of these more advanced phishing emails bypass email security systems reaching the unsuspecting recipient.

The latest analysis from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports that 47% of UK workers are working remotely. Many of these will we working from home, using Office 365, Zoom, personal mobile devices, desktop PCs and home internet.

The recent boom in cyber criminality includes:

  • Google blocking 18 million coronavirus scam emails a day
  • UK police forces report seeing a 400% spike in coronavirus-related fraud reports
  • More than 700 fake websites mimicking Netflix and Disney signup via email
  • A 300% increase in compromised networks in nine European countries in the first quarter of 2020
  • Google identifying more than a dozen state-backed hacking groups using fake Covid-19 emails to steal data from international health agencies

Find out if you are vulnerable

Over 90% of email traffic has spam, phishing, malware and other electronic threats. Email is the main infection vector for ransomware and malware. If you are not sure whether your email security product is correctly configured to stop these common threats, take this 2-minute email security test.

Enter your email address below and Cybsense will send you a set of (totally harmless, but potentially) dangerous email; your security product should block or disinfect all samples sent to you.

Should some test email reach your inbox, don't jump to conclusions: read the email description to discover if and how the message has been disarmed.

The email security test works perfectly also with Microsoft Office 365. Please note that Microsoft is sending everything without any further analysis to the user's junk folder, so cross check your junk folder to confirm the test and to see which emails slipped through Microsoft filter.

tony brooksTony Brooks
Cybsense | Director

We want to help

Having seen first-hand the impact of the pandemic on the business community, Cybsense, in partnership with Libraesva would like to make an offer of enhanced email security to IoD members for six months to any members using Office 365. This offer is made with no commitment or charge.

If you have questions regarding this article and the offer, please contact Tony Brooks at Cybsense    | Mobile: 07908 253 352

About Cybsense

Cybsense works to help organisations to simplify, manage and mitigate their IT risk.

We made a conscious decision to partner with technology providers that are on the front-line of innovation and research, even though they may not have the market presence of the established mass. However, they provide new effective solutions to the ever-changing threat landscape faced by all organisations, today and in the future.

About Libraesva

Email security is everyone’s concern . . . but it’s our passion.

Libraesva is a next-generation security company, positioned among the most important brands in the world of computing security. The Libraesva suite provides security, continuity and compliance offerings that include the Email Security Gateway, the Email Load Balancer and the Email Archiver.

Libraesva Email Security Gateway is quarterly certified by the Virus Bulletin as one of the best security systems for email because provides complete protection against advanced threats and attacks, in order to prevents malware, ransomware, malicious URL’s and attachments, phishing & BEC ensuring that organisations can run uninterrupted.

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