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Suffolk East of England

Recent IoD Suffolk Cyber Event

12 Oct 2017
IoD Suffolk cyber attack

Cyber security can be a complicated topic, often with its own unique ‘language’ to accompany it.

We are swamped with news stories everyday telling us of how another ransom ware attack has hit the next business, or hack has taken place resulting in astronomical loses. What is the solution and where do we learn how to navigate the treacherous and turbulent waters of the cyber world?

Knowledge has to be the key, but how to acquire it? There are numerous training courses which present a plethora of frameworks and checklists, all of which however, often appear quite abstract, and if not a little ‘chalk and talk’.

Surely, there must be another way? Well this is what Andy Tillman (Tillmana Solutions) and Alan Pawsey (Arc Risk and Resilience) thought too and so decided it was time to do something about it. Something that would make cyber security feel real, and more importantly, make the learning experience relevant and relatable. 

And so, on the 26th September at Suffolk IOD’s breakfast Cyber Event Andy and Alan delivered a ‘Cyber War Game’ to all who attended. The War Game was a scenario based exercise revolving around a fictitious company that was experiencing an evolving cyber security incident.

The delegates, now in teams, had but 90 minutes to establish the facts of the incident and pick their way through the ‘noise’ and misdirection facing them, in order to steer their company for the morning, out of the troubled cyber waters.

The result? The ‘company’ survived and flourished in the face of adversity, only due to the teams’ hard work and quick thinking.

Of, course this experience was all conducted in the safety of a controlled event however, the scenario and the decisions made could have been very real for businesses large and small.

If you are interested in engaging in a ‘Cyber War Game’ for your company please contact Andy or Alan at

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