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East Midlands

Why Influencing Policy should be Embraced by Directors at a Regional Level

10 Jun 2020

Why Influencing Policy should be Embraced by Directors at a Regional Level

The UK Government has a large number of regulations and policies that guide businesses. Some of these are mandatory rules, while other act as recommendations that may still influence business Directors’ behaviours indirectly. 

Directors of businesses need to be able to navigate and understand these regulations and policies, recognising the difference between those that must be adhered to and those that offer flexibility. 

It is a skill in its own right for Directors to be able to effectively respond to ever evolving policies at both a local and national level. This skill requires understanding and more often than not, conversations with peers and sense checking with a trusted and qualified intermediary.

As the new East Midlands Policy Ambassador, I am determined to better understand at a regional level, which key policy issues are affecting Directors the most. To do this I’ve introduced monthly policy roundtables to the region, the first was held on Monday 8 June, 2020.

Through the East Midlands Policy Roundtables, I want to develop an effective platform to give as many Directors as possible a voice. Cultivating voices from a wide and diverse pool is critically important if the IoD’s East Midlands Regional Committee is to be authentic, constructive and effective in representing regional Director’s views nationally. 

Policy roundtables offer Directors a full 60 minutes to share and explore a range of policy issues as they set the agenda.  I want to create an environment in which directors feel that any contribution to our regional policy voice is better than none. 

Our first Policy Roundtable was an excellent start, a small group of Directors from several sectors, discussed a number of keys issues including: Covid-19 recovery solutions, devolution, skills and having a more robust narrative for the region. I’d like to thank the Directors who joined me, including Gary Headland our new Regional Chairman, and look forward to July’s roundtable where I hope more members are able to participate.

Natalie Gasson, IoD East Midlands Policy Ambassador

As part of the IoD’s Regional Committee, Natalie will act as a policy voice for East Midlands Directors. The next roundtable is scheduled to take place Monday 6 July, from 10.30am until 11.30am.

Find out more about July's Policy Roundtable

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