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East Midlands

Never Stop Learning - How CPD Courses Can Enhance Your Board's Value

10 Oct 2019
IoD Professional Development Board Director

How CPD Courses Can Enhance Your Board's Value 

To be successful in business one must believe in continuous learning. Whether you have only just joined a board or have been a member of one for many years, there is always something new to learn. Corporate Governance adapts to the times, technologies and expectations of modern business.  The economy is ever changing and so are employees and stakeholders’ expectations of business.

The Professional Director Series has been designed for the novice and the experienced alike. These courses provide the opportunity to be a part of a group of leaders from organisations of all shapes and sizes looking to discuss how they can be a valued member of their board in today’s changing world.

Here in the East Midlands we have put together a series of workshops encompassing Strategic Decision-Making, Improving Board Dynamics, Getting the Best Out of Your Board and more.

Nottingham Nov 12th  Leicester Nov 28th  

Role of the Non-Executive Director

In many of today’s industries there is a growing demand for the non-executive directors. As this demand grows it’s important to understand the role and the specific skill set needed to become a valued member of the board.

The Role of the Non-Executive Director course has been built specifically to enable those with experience to come to the table, share ideas, hear from experts, network with others in similar roles and gain real practical strategies on how to be a valued member of the board.

Non-Executive Directors require a specific skill set. They are not there to run the business but are there to represent all shareholders and ensure the business is in good shape.

The Role of the Non-Executive Director is now available in the East Midlands. This is a full day session with round table workshops, networking, lectures from experts and a sit-down dinner. Our Course leader is Janhavi Dadarkar who has over a decade of experience in advising companies, directors and enterprising individuals on company law, corporate governance and intellectual property protection. Janhavi has held the role of Non-Executive Director for the IoD’s board of Examiners and was the lead BPP for various city institutions.

Nottingham Nov 20th

Interested in finding out more? Email and see what course best suits you. 

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