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East Midlands

IoD Academy - Your Path to Chartered Director

27 Jan 2020

IoD Academy - Where directors are made

The IoD East Midlands is bringing more professional development than ever to the region. We believe that better directors make a better world. We're here to support you in your journey to becoming the best business leader you can. 

IoD Qualifications

Advance your career and gain professional recognition with the Chartered Director programme. As a long-established professional awarding body, the IoD is the only institute in the world to offer this internationally recognised qualification, designed by director for directors under Royal Charter.

Step 1: Your journey starts here! This year, make it a priority to meet the IoD East Midlands team to discuss your professional development

Step 2: The Certificate in Company Direction (prices from £9,675 + VAT) Take it at your own pace in modular courses or fast-track your development with an intensive residential course (see below).

Step 3: The Diploma (prices from £3,475 + VAT) The Diploma in Company Direction is an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from the Certificate in a realistic and safe environment. it encourages peer-group support, challenges and stimulates boardroom behaviours.

Step 4: Chartered Director (prices from £720 + VAT) Before you can apply for the Chartered Director qualification you must meet both the prerequisite requirements and the Eligibility criteria. Then three stages:

• Application

• Portfolio of experience

• Formal interview at Pall Mall

What does each step entail? 

Step 2: Certificate in Company Direction: Chartered Director Stage 1 SCQF Level 9

Explore the characteristics, mind-set and behaviours of a boardroom executive and learn what it takes to
become an outstanding leader. 

The Certificate covers:

• Role of the Director and the Board

• Finance for non-Finance Directors

• Strategy for Directors

• Leadership for Directors

Using a practical approach, each of the four Certificate in Company Direction modules will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for effective performance, covering the key areas of governance, leadership, finance and strategy. You will explore different business aspects first-hand by meeting course leaders and delegates from a mix of sectors and hear different perspectives, helping to broaden your understanding of your role.

Accelerated Certificate in Company Direction

Five-day intensive residential course

This intensive residential course for experienced directors is designed to fit around your schedule, enabling you to be more effective in your director role in just five days. Practical learning enhanced by real life scenarios and peer collaboration will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills for immediate application and maximum impact. Prior knowledge of finance is recommended. IoD East Midlands is hosting three courses in 2020, at Fawsley Hall, Northamptonshire.

• 28th March - 3rd April

• 31st May - 5th June

• 26th - 31st July

Price: Members, £9,775 + VAT; Non-members, £11,875 + VAT. Prices include course materials, five nights’ accommodation and meals.

For more information on the Certificate in Company Direction

Step 3: Diploma in Company Direction: Chartered Director Stage 2, SCQF Level 11

Building on key insights from within the Certificate programme, this three-day module provides a unique

opportunity to apply the principles covered in Stage 1 by acting as a board member in a ‘real’ organisation facing a variety of typical issues. Gain hands-on experience of risk and crisis management, strategic decision-making and board performance in a realistic but safe and supportive environment. Learn how to evaluate and improve the performance of your board, its committees and individual directors through personal study and group work.

For more information on the Diploma in Company Direction 

Step 4: Chartered Director: The benchmark of excellence

Chartered Director is the professional qualification for directors and recognises the high standards and capabilities that are needed for ensuring that the profession of ‘director’ is understood and placed at the heart of organisational life. The qualification comprises of three stages which assess your practical experience as a director:

• An application

• A portfolio of experience

• A formal interview conducted by two Chartered Director (CDir) interviewers

For more information on the Chartered Director Qualification

Professional Director Series

Are you looking to get a taste of the Professional Development the IoD has to offer? Our Professional Director Series are 'short, sharp one-day courses that are packed full of information' 

To help you understand your role as a director and future-proof your board and organisation, we’ve developed our Professional Director Series – bringing accessible and digestible CPD to your region on the topics that matter. The whole series is mapped to the IoD Director Competency Framework, keeping your learning relevant, up-to-date and in line with your professional development ambitions. Whether you’re embarking on the Certificate in Company Direction or are a qualified Chartered Director, this CPD series is the perfect accompaniment – or refresher – to your existing knowledge.

For more information on the Professional Director Series 

Role of the Non-Executive Director 

One day Course

This one-day course is designed to equip you with practical strategies to build your network, raise your profile, secure an NXD appointment and add value in the boardroom. It explores how a non-executive director (NED) can transform the performance of the board and the entire organisation - helping to define and support long-term success and growth. Exclusive case study-led insight will equip you with practical skills to prepare for the role, raise your profile and add real value in the boardroom.

• Understand the role, responsibilities and attributes of a NED

• Identify how a NED can help to create an effective board

• Recognise the legal and practical responsibilities of the NED

• Discover how a NED can add value to an organisation

For more information on the Role of the Non-Executive Director

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