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Professional Benefits Programme


Affinity Schemes

As the UK’s longest running organisation for professional leaders, with locations in every UK region, the IoD represents all sizes of organisations. With around two thirds of IoD members working in organisations with fewer than 200 employees and in businesses with a turnover of under £10m, working with the IoD offers a unique opportunity to target SME directors.

The IoD have for many years operated some very popular affinity schemes which provide members with access to a wide range of specially negotiated benefits.

If the IoD wishes to offer a particular product or service and there is capacity within the programme, the main criteria for affinity arrangements are as follows:

  • most affinity schemes are operated on an exclusive basis
  • the majority of new offerings are tendered to suitable providers
  • the chosen provider must be market leading and share similar brand values
  • the provider must be able to offer a unique selling point (USP) that needs to be ongoing and sustainable - usually in the form of the best possible discount
  • a commission is payable by the provider on any resulting business and therefore comprehensive tracking/reporting is essential

Although all marketing campaigns are jointly agreed, the provider funds the promotion If you can meet these criteria and are interested in promoting your products as part of our affinity programme please email