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Brexit Articles

The UK’s vote to leave the European Union presents an immense task for all sides to enact and it’s no surprise that Brexit consistently ranks among the top concerns of our members. Britain’s departure from the EU is set to have implications for businesses of all sizes and sectors around the UK, across countless different policy areas.

As a leading voice of the UK business community, the IoD is working with policymakers in the hope that our combined efforts can result in the best deal for business in Britain. We want to minimise unnecessary disruption to commercial practices caused by the withdrawal, while also maximising the opportunities that may arise in the longer term.

The IoD’s Navigating Brexit hub is packed with everything you need to know about what Brexit means for your business. Here you can find news, fact sheets and blogs providing comprehensive updates and expert analysis, as well as details of the IoD’s programme of Brexit events and webinars. The never-ending twists and turns of the Article 50 process mean there is always something new - so check back regularly and stay tuned.