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Inclusive Business


As part of the IoD’s growing commitment to recognising Diversity & Inclusion as one of the leading issues affecting business today, we launched our Inclusive Business Campaign.

Inclusivity forms one of the central pillars of the IoD’s flagship event series, the Open House roadshow, and this campaign aims to grow our resource offering across this important and varied topic area. Through relevant unique content and special events, the IoD’s Inclusive Business campaign will shine a light on the various factors surrounding D&I, offering members support and guidance on how leaders can foster an inclusive workplace. 

Working with our own Information and Advisory Service, as well as a team of D&I experts, our pledge is to provide you with access to the latest advice, best practice and other useful resources, as well as experiences of other business leaders.

Read the IoD's Open House Inclusive Business Report here

Latest IoD Inclusion information and factsheets


Inclusive Business Directory

The following organisations represent a good starting point in helping your business foster an inclusive workplace. 

Equality Advisory Service