“Our world is wonderfully diverse, and this diversity should be reflected within companies” Jagdeep Bhambra, Entrepreneur

Jagdeep Bhambra is an award-winning C-level executive with experience in pivotal ventures such as the London 2012 Olympics, Samsung Connected Car and the establishment of six digital banks. He is the CEO of Budh Baridh Ltd, a UK organisation preserving Indian martial arts and traditions and has co-founded several successful ventures including The Startups Hub, Realitech Limited and Mantraverse Ltd.

Having originated from a Hindu Sikh family deeply rooted in age-old traditions, I learnt to refrain from making excuses or assuming a victim mentality when faced with life’s challenges. My family and I relocated to the UK from my birthplace, Kenya, when I was a teenager. I possess a resilient and buoyant spirit and I perceive difficult situations and hardships as opportunities for personal growth. This perspective extends to instances of racism too;  I believe in exerting additional effort to counteract discrimination and advocate for an all-inclusive environment both professionally and personally.

I pursued my education in pharmacology and toxicology in London. During my post-graduate studies, I discerned that working with computers came as second nature. This realisation prompted me to reconsider my career trajectory and led me to the conclusion that a path in technology might be better suited for me compared to law, medicine, or accountancy. Consequently, I opted to embark on a graduate trainee scheme in the field of telecommunications.

Throughout my career, I’ve lent my expertise to esteemed organisations, including Schlumberger, Financial Times, News International (now News UK), Oliver Wyman, Detica (now part of BAE Systems), HM Government, National Highways (formerly Highways England), STCpay, and Fujitsu. Despite the appearance of strategic career planning, my approach involves embracing unique opportunities and responding affirmatively to each challenge.

My heritage is important to me and this year I launched a mobile app geared towards the revival and preservation of the ancient Indian battlefield art of Sanatan Shastar Vidiya. This is the first stage in developing an entire ecosystem that includes eBooks, live masterclasses, podcasts, and training centres.

Although the tech industry has been perceived as male-dominated, I believe there is a collective effort to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all individuals. Our world is wonderfully diverse, and this diversity should be reflected within companies. Sometimes entrenched career stereotypes, perhaps influenced by cultural factors, may require a few generations to undergo significant transformation. Like the shift in attitudes towards men entering professions like nursing or ballet,  progress towards acceptance in various career paths takes time.

Contributing to the IoD community is important to me, and I have had the privilege of speaking at, and sponsoring IoD events spanning diverse topics such as technology, start-ups, scale-ups, fintech and banking, web3, culture, and youth. This commitment allows me to give back to the IoD community while fostering discussions on a wide range of subjects.

Embracing a continuous learning mindset is key to staying abreast of developments, technological or otherwise, and leveraging them for the benefit of your business. I am a firm believe that fear and ignorance is overcome through education and self-awareness. If you are unsure, begin by engaging with your social circle to gain insights, and then, as you progress, pursue guidance from seasoned experts with practical, hands-on experience. Seek out individuals who have traversed the terrain and bear the marks of their experiences.

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