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South Surrey

Richard Maybury welcomes Charlotte Valeur to the IoD Surrey #IoDCIPD20 Conference

28 Feb 2020

Three years ago, IoD Surrey Chair, Richard Maybury, established a joint Conference with the Surrey and North Hants branch of the CIPD. The aim was, and remains, to bring business leaders and HR professionals together to share insights on a people-related business topic. 

The theme of the sold-out 3rd annual conference, held on 18 February in Guildford, was ‘Putting Inclusivity at the heart and bottom line of business’.

The speaker line-up as impressive. Our own Charlotte Valeur was joined by the CEO of the CIPD, Peter Cheese and multi award-winning MD of G&B Electronics, Laura McBrown, who is also the IoD Surrey Manufacturing Ambassador.

The conference also provides an opportunity for mindshare among the delegates and a Panel Q&A.
Charlotte spoke about the prerequisite of ‘Leadership Maturity’, especially at Board level, if inclusivity, and thereby Diversity, was ever to be a sustainable reality within any business. 

This theme that achieving successful diversity in business is more a function of ‘Leadership maturity’ than staff hiring and promotion practices; more about embracing Humanity than enacting HR policies was echoed by both Peter Cheese and Laura McBrown.

You can watch Charlotte’s 30 minute presentation on this pre-release recording here:

Richard and Charlotte hot-footed over to the Surrey and Hampshire business radio station, Eagle Radio Biz, for an interview and you can catch that 9 minute recording here:

Richard is already in discussions with his counterpart, the Chair of the CIPD in Surrey and North Hants about the 4th Annual IoD & CIPD Conference!

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