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Extracting value from IoD Advance professional development? You bet!

30 May 2018

Extracting value from IoD Advance professional development? You bet!

In May I signed up to an Advance webinar on how to build a paid NED portfolio career from a standing start and found the advice from Terri Duhon very helpful and well delivered. The skills of questioning an executive leadership team and being challenging without either drifting back into executive behaviours or providing consultancy services needs developing over time. Oversight and governance are key roles in both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, and these can be developed via volunteering as a Trustee or Governor where there are many more opportunities; added to which you’ll be genuinely giving something back.

I also attended an Advance CPD day at Pall Mall comprising four 90min workshops delivered by established IoD course leaders on topics key to board effectiveness, strategy and leadership. Specifically - making strategic change happen, reputational damage of cyber attacks, the nature of risk (accepting that all opportunities to progress and add value by necessity entail risk), and the benefits of embracing finance business partnering. Not only was the content thought provoking but also were the questions and insights from colleague Advance members. Additionally I met interesting people, some who are directly relevant to me and who I’ve now followed up for mutually beneficial networking opportunities.

It’s easy to become complacent about ones knowledge and that you’ve enough contacts. These CPD days prove to me that they are well worth investing time in.

Neil Sampson
IoD Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Ambassador

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