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Could you be our next Surrey Chair?

06 Mar 2018

The IoD is committed to ensuring all members receive a high level of Local/Branch membership benefit.

Branch ambassadors, led by a Branch Chair, make up a Leadership Team within each IoD branch to deliver a programme of engagement opportunities for IoD members. This is a voluntary role.

The successful candidate will have a demonstrable track record in senior leadership, with established business interests and a network of established contacts within Surrey, and will be a strong advocate for good governance and responsible business practices amongst Directors, with a desire to give back to the community. 

You will help to promote and recognise great businesses and their stories within Surrey, and to promote the positive impact of business on society, whilst actively supporting IoD members in their drive to grow purposeful, responsible companies.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside the IoD Head office team, and our South Regional Chair, to support a growing membership base of business leaders, offering your expertise, insights and thought-leadership, and the benefit of your experience, to a diverse membership base of 2160 leaders of start-ups, scale-ups and private and public sector enterprises.

 You will have a great understanding of the Surrey business economy, and will be expected to promote the IoD within the Surrey’s business community, public sector and policy makers, whilst receiving the IoD’s support and unique opportunities for connections and a policy platform.

What it entails:

We are constantly driving to enhance and future-proof the IoD member experience and improve member engagement in Surrey, whilst continuing to champion and support our current and prospective membership.

This involves ensuring that we are well connected to policy and decision makers, and are championing the Royal charter objects of the IoD, around Better Business, Better Directors, Better Society and Better Services, so that we can be there for our members.

Becoming the go to place for IoD Members, looking to grow and develop, as Directors of their businesses and to connect with their peers.

The Surrey Chair is the principal representative of the IoD in the area and responsibilities include the following, delivered in association with the Events Branch officer, and Pall Mall. 

  • Personally demonstrate a high commitment to good governance and professionalism
  • Have high profile within the local business community
  • Connection with a wide range of key stakeholders within the branch
  • Champion and support marketing, publicity and events to raise awareness of IoD
  • Represent and promote the interests of Members in their area
  • Promote membership of the IoD to directors of businesses in their area
  • Promote the CPD route to Chartered Director
  • Provide comment to local media on specific topics in line with IoD policy (Support is available from the Press Office based in Pall Mall)
  • Attend & chair the Surrey quarterly Ambassador meetings
  • Attend branch events & promote the benefits of joining the branch & the IoD
  • Support IoD members & signposting them to the service that best suits their need
  • Proactively looking to engage with & promote IoD members (and potential members)
  • Bringing other great leaders (like yourself) into the IoD to continually renew, and increase the Policy voice impact of the membership
  • Provide Edit regularly: monthly members E- news/news articles for the branches news page on the branch news page on the IoD site
  • Offer support to Branch and Pall Mall staff, to support local business events
  • Providing events within the local branch, that will deliver opportunities of peer to peer learning, facilitated networking & connectivity; these will be delivered with support of your Events Branch Officer and Pall Mall staff
  • Strategic input into branch marketing and awareness of the local business community
  • Being the visible face of empowering, inclusive Leadership/good cooperategood governance within your branch
  • Ensuring the future success of Surrey Branch Building the Leadership ambassadorial group. 
  1. Encouraging Membersto becomeBranch Ambassador’s (Minimum of 8)

    (i.e. those who are prepared to attend and  contribute at meetings, who represent a local business leadership).

  2. Acting as a spokesperson on IoD local matters and being sufficiently well versed on national policies and in regional business interests to comment on behalf of the IoD when requested. (with the support of the Press office based in Pall Mall).
  3. Pro-actively building a network of key regional business and community figures to promote the IoD and seeking opportunities for IoD Members.

Objectives of the Branch

  • To promote national and local IoD objectives, policies and encourage use of the policy Voice within Surrey membership
  • To ensure that the Branch has appropriate connections with regional bodies
  • To ensure that IoD Member benefits are promoted within the branch at every opportunity
  • To retain/increase membership in the Surrey Region, through purposeful /supportive/educational activity within the Surrey branch.


WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)?

  • As Chair of Surrey Branch you will be positioned as the ‘go to’ person for your area of expertise.
  • Local media vehicles will be encouraged to contact you for local comment on national, regional and local business issues and when these issues fall within your area of expertise you will be given first option to comment.
  • 20% on any IoD Professional Development course that is a full day or longer within your term of membership.
  • Your views and opinions maybe sought by the Policy Unit of the IoD which oversees the development of IoD policy on the full range of issues affecting business.

To arrange a call to discuss the role with the Head of Regional Relationships - South, please email Lesley Bennett

Email Lesley

or to speak with someone whom has been there and done it, please email our Present Chair Robert May

Email Rob

Apply now


  1. Please email Lesley Bennett outlining how you feel your skills and experience are aligned with the Chair role. Points to cover in your email application include:
  • Your career background
  • Experience, if any, of working with a leadership team / committee
  • Your area of expertise
  • How long you have been and IoD member
  • What benefits of your IoD membership have been important to you.
  1. Your application will be reviewed by the Leadership team and a decision will be communicated.
  2. IoD Regions and Branches will contact you and arrange an interview (subject to shortlisting)
  3. Deadline: Midnight on 30th March 2018

Contact IoD South

For more information, please contact

020 8078 4127


Branch and staff contacts can be found on the main Contacts tab

IoD South
116 Pall Mall