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The Qualification

Professional Development

Committing to achieving Chartered Director status is a clear message to your colleagues, customers and network that you are serious about your role and the contributions you make to your organisation. Standing out from your peers is key in business, and becoming a Chartered Director is an endorsement of your skills, professionalism, and knowledge of corporate governance best-practice.

Qualifying also gives you access to learning materials via the IoD Academy for the rest of your career whilst you are an active IoD member, allowing you to stay ahead of trends and changes to business practices and policies, ensuring you make the best decisions for your career and your board in the years to come.

Prerequisites for the qualification

The 3 stages required to become a Chartered Director provide a strong foundation in all the skills you need to become a board leader:

  1. Certificate in Company Direction
  2. The Certificate comprises four modules that can be taken at a pace that suits you. Each involves classroom learning and an exam that can be completed online, using remote invigilation. More information about the modules and how to book can be found here.

  3. Diploma in Company Direction
  4. Following completion of the Certificate in Company Direction, aspirant Chartered Directors move on to the Diploma stage. This is an interactive boardroom simulation that prepares our candidates to solve real-life business scenarios in collaboration with their peers. After gaining their Diploma in Company Direction, candidates must apply for their Chartered Director interview within 10 years, and must become a member of the IoD to progress to full Chartered stage.

  5. Chartered Director Interview & Appointment
  6. The qualification leads to both professional development for you, and progression for your business through the skills and expertise you learn on the course and from peers.

    Streamline your knowledge, skills and mindset using the IoD Director Competency Framework – a key component of the Chartered Director journey, that all teaching and learning at the IoD is underpinned by.

    The Chartered Director community is represented by directors worldwide, including at associated and partner hubs in Saudi Arabia, Bermuda, Russia, Chile, Peru, Hong Kong and more, making global networking and idea sharing a reality. Thousands of directors apply to become Chartered – only the best succeed.