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Chartered Director


As a long-established professional awarding body, the IoD is the only institute in the world to offer internationally recognised qualifications designed by directors for directors under Royal Charter.

To perform effectively as a director requires a combination of core competencies in the key areas of knowledge, skills and mind-set. Chartered Director is the only professional qualification for all directors that demands both knowledge and experience of how to make boards effective, and a commitment to continuous professional development.

Gain professional recognition, enhance your career prospects as an executive or non-executive director and become part of an exclusive network of senior leaders recognised for their outstanding leadership and contribution to business.

3 stages you need to complete to become a Chartered Director:

  1. Certificate in Company Direction Qualification (Chartered Director Stage 1)
  2. Diploma in Company Direction Qualification (Chartered Director Stage 2)
  3. Chartered Director interview and assessment (Chartered Director Stage 3)

Benefits to you and your organisation:

Chartered Directors have a dramatic and positive effect on the success of their organisations and are able to:

  • Champion standards of good, ethical governance and best practice for boards
  • Improve the board’s effectiveness and personal contribution
  • Build trust and demonstrate to shareholders, stakeholders, clients and customers that their organisation is professional and successful
  • Adopt a common set of business principles and vocabulary
  • Demonstrate strategic leadership and take a long-term view of opportunities, risks and challenges
  • Act independently with judgement and integrity

The Journey to Chartered Director

Read on to find out more and discover case study content, insights and endorsement from the Chartered Director community.

Success stories

How to apply

The Chartered Director qualification comprises a peer interview to assess your practical experience as a director. The assessment is based on five key areas which are central to organisational direction and governance.

The interview, conducted by an experienced peer reviewer, explores your portfolio and the scope of your role(s) as a director.

As a first step you will need to register, by completing the below application and eligibility forms.

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Am I eligible?

To register for Chartered Director you must be a full Member or Fellow of the Institute and have passed the Certificate and Diploma examinations in Company Direction. Full details of the eligibility criteria are provided on the website click below to find out if you qualify.

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*If you are unsure whether you satisfy the eligibility criteria please contact the Chartered Director team who will be happy to take you through the process step by step and answer any questions or queries that you have around the programme.

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Chartered Director

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 “The Chartered Director qualification has made me acutely aware of what a board director’s responsibilities really are – and the qualities needed.”

Talita Ferreira, CEO and founder, Authentic Change Solutions