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The Qualification

Professional Development

Committing to achieving Chartered Director status is a clear message to your colleagues, customers and network that you are serious about your role and the contributions you make to your organisation. Standing out from your peers is key in business, and becoming a Chartered Director is an endorsement of your skills, professionalism, and knowledge of corporate governance best-practice.

Qualifying also gives you access to learning materials via the IoD Academy for the rest of your career whilst you are an active IoD member, allowing you to stay ahead of trends and changes to business practices and policies, ensuring you make the best decisions for your career and your board in the years to come.

What is Chartered Director?

Organisations need effective and informed boards and directors who are aware of their personal responsibilities and accountabilities across a spectrum of activities and disciplines.

Chartered Director is the professional qualification for directors and recognises the high standards and capabilities that are needed for ensuring that the profession of ‘director’ is understood and placed at the heart of organisational life.

Chartered Directors demonstrate continuous commitment and ongoing professional development to maintain the level of effectiveness and practitioner excellence that exemplifies Chartered status and an outstanding contribution to their boards and organisations.

The Qualification

The Chartered Director qualification is an experience-based assessment. It requires you to evidence how you work within the context of your board, how you use your knowledge and skills to the benefit of the organisation and how you discharge your duties as a director.

The qualification comprises three stages which assess your practical experience as a director:

  • Application
  • Portfolio of experience
  • Formal interview conducted by two Chartered Director interviewers.

The assessment is based on five key areas which are central to organisational direction and governance.

  • Vision, Purpose, Values and Ethics
  • Strategic Thinking and Stakeholder Management
  • Delegation to Management
  • Discharging your Duties as a Director and as a Competent Member of a Collective and Responsible Body
  • Exercising Effective and Accountable Leadership 

Before you can apply for the Chartered Director qualification you must meet both the Pre-requisite requirements and the Eligibility criteria. These must be met before proceeding to the application stage.

To be able to apply for the Chartered Director qualification a candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • be a full Member or Fellow of the Institute of Directors in good standing;
  • have obtained a pass or above in the Certificate in Company Direction. If the RDB module exam (or its equivalent) was passed more than 10 years previously, it will be necessary for the candidate to re-sit the examination in this module and obtain a pass or above (although they will not be required to re-attend the RDB training course);
  • have obtained a pass or above in the Diploma in Company Direction
  • can demonstrate substantial experience in one or more director or director-type role(s) for a period of 3 full years during the previous 10 years.
  • can demonstrate, for each directorship, that the board is formally constituted, comprises at least three directors, undertakes regular board meetings, demonstrates a significant degree of autonomy in decision-making, and relates to an organisation with revenue or income in excess of £250K per annum.

For any queries regarding eligibility and pre-requisite requirements please contact the Assessment team: [email protected].

Download an application form

Download guidance documentation

1. Application

You will be required to download and complete the Application form for the Chartered Director qualification. Upon completing the application form please return your form, with payment, to the address detailed within the application form.

Further guidance is also available to support the completion of your application form.

Download an application form

Download guidance documentation

Please note that you will be expected to provide the following alongside their application:

  • A set of company accounts listing all directors
  • An organisational chart highlighting the board and listing all directors

The IoD will review your completed application and supporting documents.

Providing the requirements are met, you will then be issued with a blank portfolio of experience for completion.

The fee for undertaking the Chartered Director qualification is £720 + VAT.

2. Portfolio of experience

The portfolio forms part of the assessment of the Chartered Director qualification. It informs interviewers and provides the basis for the discussion on the day of the interview.

You will be required to draw upon your experiences as a director across the five key areas;

  • Vision, Purpose, Values and Ethics
  • Strategic Thinking and Stakeholder Management
  • Delegation to Management
  • Discharging your Duties as Director and as a Competent Member of a Collective and Responsible Body
  • Exercising Effective and Accountable Leadership

In the portfolio, you are required to provide examples of your own personal contribution to,

and participation in, the Board’s work and come prepared to discuss these examples at interview.

An interview date can be reserved before submission of the portfolio but will not be confirmed until the portfolio has been received by the Chartered Director team.

The portfolio must be submitted well in advance of the scheduled interview date or you will risk cancellation of the interview.

The cost for cancelling an interview within 60 days of the scheduled date is 50% of the Chartered Director fee.

3. Formal Interview

The interview is a structured and confidential process based on the candidate’s portfolio of experience.

The interview is conducted by two Chartered Director interviewers who will explore your portfolio and the scope of your role(s) as a director.

You will be expected to expand upon your portfolio during the interview process by providing examples of your personal involvement in particular activities or how you have led the board in a particular context.

The interview duration ranges between 75 and 90 minutes. All interviews are audio recorded as part of our quality assurance process.


Following the interview the results will go through a verification process and results will be released in writing within 2-4 weeks of the interview.

All successful candidates who are admitted to Chartered Director status are required to sign a declaration that they will comply with the IoD’s Chartered Director Code of Professional Conduct and the IoD’s By-Laws.

In the event that you are unsuccessful, you will be provided with feedback on your performance  with an indication of what improvements you could make if you wish to reapply for Chartered Director.


Candidates are able to re-apply for Chartered Director after a minimum of 6 months has passed since the result was issued. Candidates may use the same roles as long as they still meet our eligibility criteria.

The resit fee is £500 +VAT.

At the time of interview a new team of interviewers will be selected to conduct the interview. These interviewers will have no awareness that the interview is a resit and will be conducted as per any other first time applicant.

 Continuing professional development (CPD)

All Chartered Directors are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing professional development and submit a record of this to the Institute if requested to do so during our annual audit.

 CPD can be obtained via a wide range of activities: 

  • Events (Conference, Forum, Seminar, Training Course, Workshops etc)
  • Professional qualifications to aid the development of the business
  • Teaching/coaching/mentoring
  • Writing articles or reviews in relation to business, economics, corporate governance, etc
  • Learning a new discipline to assist the development of the business or to support your board’s role
  • Research towards a presentation or project of direct benefit to your business or board role
  • Informal reading of relevant books, journals, trade magazines, newspapers, etc
  • Viewing relevant podcasts, webstreams, television programmes

 Note: Events that are mainly social/networking functions are not recognised for formal CPD purposes

 CPD can be recorded using the following:

  • The IoD’s Digital Academy CPD tracking tool
  • The IoD’s CPD record template
  • Your own CPD records


Chartered Director Code of Professional Conduct

Chartered Director CPD Guide

Chartered Director CPD Record

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