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Policy publications

The IoD concentrates on the issues of most concern to business, examining them in depth and drawing substantially on our members' experience.

We exert our influence in a number of different ways:

  • By taking a position in the media, both nationally and locally
  • Through direct discussion with government ministers
  • Through detailed discussions with civil servants
  • Through written responses to consultation documents
  • Through production of research and policy papers

To maximise our influence, we communicate the IoD viewpoint to the full range of policy-makers. We are in frequent contact with ministers, civil servants, special advisers and government agencies to ensure that IoD members' views are represented accurately at all stages of the policy process.


Good Governance

Here you can find our Good Governance Reports, including the latest 2017 version, alongside articles and useful information on corporate governance.

Good governance is the structure through which an organisation is directed, controlled and held accountable which defines a framework of procedures.

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Employment & skills

The IoD believes in the need for higher standards and greater competition in education and a skills system that genuinely responds to employers’ needs.

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Here you can find news and fact sheets providing comprehensive updates and expert analysis, as well as details of the IoD’s programme of Brexit events.

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Infrastructure & energy

Infrastructure comprises a wide range of policy areas, all of which have a deep, but sometimes unheralded effect on the prosperity of businesses in the UK.

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Taxes are among the most significant burdens on business, reducing ROI, unfavorably influencing the balance between risk and reward.

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Tech & entrepreneurship

The IoD has long been the home of entrepreneurship in the UK, and start-up founders still represent the fastest growing group within the IoD’s membership.

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productivity &growth

Productivity & growth

Macroeconomic policy plays a crucial role in shaping business. We also encourage policymakers to enhance the nation’s productivity to secure long-term economic growth

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