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What is the role of the HR director?

02 Sep 2019

The personnel, or human resources, director has overall responsibility for the company's personnel and training strategy.

They contribute to overall company strategy and policy-making by advising the board on the human resource implications of its decisions.

Main responsibilities 

  • Overall control of the HR function.
  • Formulating personnel systems and strategies appropriate to the company’s corporate mission and goals.
  • Recruiting and selecting staff.
  • Developing remuneration and reward procedures.
  • Keeping the board informed on personnel and employee-relations policies, as needed, to preserve and facilitate company strategy.
  • Planning and directing employee training and development programmes.
  • Improving management/employee communications, including mediating in disputes and advising line managers on how to implement personnel policies.
  • Ensuring compliance with employment law.
  • Ensuring that health and safety procedures are adequate.

Education and experience 

In a large company the Human Resources director would normally satisfy the following requirements (smaller companies may be more flexible):

  • Degree-level education.
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (or equivalent) qualification.
  • Substantial and broad experience in appropriate HR work.


For information on pay and benefits please contact the Business Information Service who have access to Directors’ Rewards, the annual survey of directors pay and benefits published by Croner Reward, plus other useful reports and sources.

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