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Brexit - Need to know

Life after Brexit: 7 ways to build a better future for your business

03 Aug 2016

Cartoonised Union Jack merged into the European Union starsThe theme of this year’s Annual Convention is Thriving in a Changing World.  If you are unclear about what Brexit means for you and your business - the challenges and the opportunities - then allow us, and our unrivalled line-up of guest speakers, to make some sense of it all on September 27 at the Royal Albert Hall. Together we will help you to ensure the future is bright…

Will Brexit open up a whole new world of opportunities for British businesses? Dambisa Moyo is an award-winning global economist and was once named in Time Magazine’s Top 100 Most Influential People in the world. She will reveal why we have to start thinking differently about capitalism and why it will be crucial for both economic prosperity and human progress.

Lord Lamont is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer and a long-standing Eurosceptic who supported Britain leaving the EU. Yanis Varoufakis is the outspoken former Greek finance minister who believes that Brexit will speed up the disintegration of the EU. They will examine what has happened on the continent in the wake of Brexit, what Britain’s position is within Europe and what the future could hold for our economy.

Senior political figures from England, Wales and Ireland explore the risks and opportunities that Brexit could offer for businesses of all sizes across their respective regions.

Can Scotland stay in the EU and still be part of the Britain? Or does Brexit mean Brexit for everybody in the UK? We will be inviting a leading Scottish Government figure to discuss what a vote to leave means for the relationship between businesses both north and south of the border?

Our guest speakers will reveal what they would do next if they were running a small or medium sized business. The Annual Convention has brought together leading figures from some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies including Microsoft, Facebook and Alibaba who will offer invaluable insights and advice for you in this time of uncertainty.

We will have a special Brexit Genius Bar at the Royal Albert Hall. This will be your chance to put your Brexit questions face-to-face with our team of experts, including the IoD’s head of trade and Europe policy, Allie Renison.

 We know that the majority of business leaders are concerned about how Brexit will affect their business. Meet other leaders like you at the Annual Convention’s many networking spaces and share your experiences, concerns and ideas.

  1. Global opportunities
  2. The future of the EU
  3. Risks and opportunities for UK PLC
  4. What now for Scotland?
  5. Insight and advice from global innovators
  6. Your questions answered
  7. The power of peer to peer

The IoD Annual Convention takes place on 27 September at the Royal Albert Hall.

Find out more and buy tickets here

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