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Your sneak preview to the top names at IoD Open House

01 Feb 2018

IoD Open House banner with commuters on an escalator and people having a meetingThe First Lady of football, the boss of McLaren Automotive, the UK head of LinkedIn, a Bricsatish Paralympic icon and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s adviser offer a taste of what you can expect when they appear at IoD Open House at 116 Pall Mall from 12-14 March 2018…

Baroness Karren Brady

"Sometimes you can take your greatest skills for granted. Many women come to me and say, 'I’ve been stuck at home with the children for 10 years and I don’t know what I’m good at.' Well, for a start, you’re organised, can budget, and can manage people well."

Vice chairman of West Ham United and Government Business Ambassador (and Lord Sugar’s adviser on The Apprentice)

Josh Graff

"I came out to my parents at 22, but – like most gay graduates from gen Y – I jumped firmly back into the closet at work. I was nowhere near as productive as I could have been. When I finally came out, my career took off. I became more confident and formed better relationships with clients. I was so much happier. My mistake was not doing it sooner."

UK Country Manager & VP EMEA, LinkedIn

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson

"When I was young, I didn’t see disabled people on the streets, and it wasn’t because they weren’t there. It was because they were locked away. We have to continue to work hard to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Disabled people are part of this huge spectrum of society, and they should the opportunity to contribute."

Winner of 11 Paralympic gold medals, chair of ukactive and member of the House of Lords

Caspar Craven

"I believe in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become truly effective and create extraordinary results. If you can build a team with three young children to sail around round, you can build a team with anyone."

Adventurer and keynote speaker (who really did sail around the world with his three kids, aged nine, seven and two!)

Gemma Godfrey

"When people underestimate you, work harder. In the Square Mile there were two things that stood against me: in most meetings I was the only woman and I was usually also far younger than anyone else present. This simply meant that I needed to prepare harder. If you knew your stuff, you earned the respect you deserved. The best way to quieten critics is to be good at your job."

Founder of Moola (and one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s advisers on Celebrity Apprentice)

Henry Dimbleby

"You have to make a lot of business mistakes. But don’t make the same mistake twice. Try and surround yourself with more experienced, and probably older, people who have already made the mistakes."

Co-founder, Leon

Nis Arend

"I had been one of those women working in mainly male environments with no real aspirational female role models in the corporate word. What I started to uncover is that if you’re not careful, as a woman you can easily lose yourself and behave in an aggressive, domineering way or, on the other extreme, lose your confidence and forget your worth.”

Founder, The Corporate Confidante

Mike Flewitt

“I learned that to build a good team, you don't choose a lot of people like yourself; you choose people with a wide range of abilities who complement each other.”

CEO, McLaren Automotive

Kate Robertson

"Businesses need to realise that by employing young people they can revitalise and energise their companies. It makes sound business sense. And, as a responsibility to society, it’s beyond critical.”

Co-founder One Young World and former group chairman of Havas Worldwide

Paul Lindley

“Always build a good story. Stories matter – they influence everybody from investors through to the consumer. Ella’s Kitchen is an emotional brand and we built a story around us as a family, thinking it would resonate with people at the most emotional stage of their lives, having just had a child.”

CEO Ella’s Kitchen and 2017 winner of IoD International Director of the Year

This unique three-day festival of business will be held at the IoD’s headquarters at 116 Pall Mall.

Learn from, meet and network with some of the most influential, inspirational and forward-thinking business figures in Britain today!

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