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Your recap: Global business at IoD Open House

23 Mar 2018
Members of the IoD Open House panel discussing trade with China

In March we hosted a three-day festival of business - IoD Open House. Throwing open the doors of our London headquarters at 116 Pall Mall, we invited a wealth of expert speakers to share their experiences with delegates via a mix of keynote addresses, seminar discussions and intimate workshops.

The focus of IoD Open House revolved around four key topics: Global Business, Connected Business, Inclusive Business, and Future Business

Global Business

Business is about exploration. Trade and expansion to new countries means reaching new customers and markets; the possibility of untapped growth. Real change is coming for Britain, and business needs to understand how to navigate and adapt to what is set be a whole new world. This new world needs to benefit business, but this can only be done if we have the knowledge and tools in place to set a new agenda.

Attendees can recap specific sessions from the IoD Open House schedule in their entirety, below. 


Countdown to Brexit: A European perspective from Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta

Marking the 12-month countdown to Brexit, this session offers a unique perspective from the Prime Minister of Malta; one of the 27 member states poised to vote on the final deal of Britain's exit from the European Union.


Brexit from inside the Government: Address from Robin Walker MP

With less than a year to go, we're joined by a senior political figure to shed light on the choices facing the Government and the opportunities on the horizon for business as we navigate our way out of the EU

A Force For Good: Strengthening the bonds between business and the military

Covering the IoD’s signing of the Armed Forces Covenant, a vital bridge between the Armed Forces and parts of civil society, ensuring that those with a loud public voice lead the way in supporting the extraordinary contribution and sacrifice made by service personnel.

Disrupting the System: Why social business today will simply be business tomorrow

Paul Lindley, founder of Ella’s Kitchen, on why he believes disruptive business thinking can help the economy work better for people and the planet.


Focus on China: The science, tech and policy powering China's growth

As China leads the effort to create the world’s largest economic platform, our panel take a closer look at China’s continuing growth through 2018 and beyond.

Growing Global: Opportunities in international trade

Navigating the waters of international trade can be complex. Our panel of business experts will explore the opportunities and challenges in today’s global trade landscape.

The right place, the right time, the right people. Investing in Lubelskie Region, Poland.

Delegates from this session discovered the diverse potential of Lubelskie, the third largest and one of the most buoyant provinces in Poland.

Starting and scaling a business in 2018

As small companies grow it’s sometimes hard to control the culture, key values and keep the essence of the company in check. In this panel session SME business owners from Beavertown Brewery, Supper Club, and Crush examined their own business growth and shared the lessons learnt.

Rise of the Xennials: How will future business be disrupted?

How will future leaders impact the boardroom, what challenges will they face and how will they affect the economy?


Creating Competitive Advantage in Dynamic Markets

Kevin Uphill expertly guides business leaders to progress from day-to-day operational management to true leadership – driving significant growth, creativity and shareholder value.

From pop-up to permanent: How PR can help build your brand

MMPR founder and Managing Director Meri Mance and Director James Sinclair-Smith look at using public relations to effectively achieve long-term success when building a brand.

Creating a marketing buzz in today's digital economy

How can you market and create an exciting buzz around your business with little to no budget? 

In this workshop we gained powerful insights in getting ideas and creativity flowing.

Business Strategy and Innovation: Be More Pirate

Drawing parallels between the strategy and innovation of legends like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard with modern rebels, like Elon Musk and Malala, Sam Conniff Allende explains how young global hustlers are following in the footsteps of the Golden Age Pirates when they rewrote the rules of a broken system 300 years ago.

Access the other full sessions from IoD Open House here:

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