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Why 30 minutes with Caspar Craven could change your life

02 Feb 2018

Header showing Casper Craven talking on stage with IoD Open House brandingCaspar Craven has been inspiring business leaders ever since he returned from sailing around the world with his wife and three small children.

You can see him on 12 March when he hosts the first of our sunrise sessions at IoD Open House...

Caspar Craven is an adventurer and entrepreneur who challenges conventional thinking on how leaders become truly effective based on his experiences in the boardroom and on the high seas. Here, we reveal a few things you should know about his extraordinary story so far…

"I only truly understood vision and values when I had to explain them to a seven-year-old because it was those things that literally saved our lives"

The Adventurer

In August 2014, Caspar embarked on a two-year adventure with his wife and three kids who, at the time, were aged nine, seven and two. They sailed around the world in a 53ft yacht. 

The highs and lows of that experience, including a total loss of power 500 miles from land in the South Pacific, taught Caspar some invaluable lessons about leadership and team building, which he now shares as a much sought-after keynote speaker.

The Entrepreneur

In 2008, Caspar co-founded data tech consultancy Trovus. A year later, the business was struggling. Caspar implemented a series of changes to solve their problems, but by 2011 nothing had materially changed. He decided to re-learn what it takes to be a leader and to build a team.

Instead of simply coming up with a set of values that were destined to be ignored a week later, he put those values at the heart of rethinking how the business should function move forward. This strategy proved to be so successful that when Casper sold Trovus in 2015 (while he also happened to be sailing in the Pacific Ocean with his family) it changed hands for a seven-figure sum.

In his own words…

"There is that great saying, 'If you want to go fast, go it alone. But if you want to go far, go together."

“I remember sitting on the other side of the room and listening to speakers when I worked in large corporates and never really understood the whole thing about vision and values. I only truly understood it when I had to explain it to a seven-year-old because it was those things that literally saved our lives.

“We were 500 miles from land in the South Pacific and we had a complete power failure on the boat. Out there it means you have no engine, no navigation, you have no water pump, no winches, nothing. What do you do? We lived our values. One of those values was to laugh – laugh at our situation. We had no toilet, so we introduced a ‘bucket and chuck it’ system which had my kids howling with laughter.

“They lived the values of love, understanding, compassion…we were genuinely a team who looked after each other. My children learned the power of focusing on what is right rather than what is wrong.

What they say about Caspar…

“I saw Casper address an audience of over 800 people. He had them engaged, telling his story with purpose, vulnerability, humour and humility. Highly recommended for any business looking to grow its leadership teams.Mark Waite – CEO, Cohesive Communications

“He tells a great story of team building which is highly motivational.” Kelley Bowles – Customer Success, Salesforce

“I have never heard so much positive feedback from our teachers regarding a presentation.” Stefan Anderson - Principal at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts

“He is a brilliant speaker. Superb, human, inspiring.” Juliana Rotich – Venture Partner, Tech Ventures Africa

If you're an early-riser, don't miss Casper's sunrise session on day one of the IoD Open House.

Learn from, meet and network with some of the most influential, inspirational and forward-thinking business figures in Britain today!

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