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IoD99Bites: Creating a collaborative consultancy

22 Sep 2017

A key topic we see time and time again coming up among the IoD 99-ers is collaboration, particularly in finding the right skills for the job.

In the week’s #IoD99Bites web series, the 99 Chairman Alex Mitchell and IoD’s Head of External Affairs Jamie Kerr meet Charlie Dinkin, founder of creative communications consultancy 1948.

How do you get a group of freelancers and consultants working effectively together on a project? 

It all depends on the needs of the client, explains Charlie. “Often people won’t necessarily be working with each other, but they will be coming together under a common strategy or goal, and that requires some management.

“For me, the beauty of working with freelancers or consultants is that you have this expert in a targeted area, who may achieve far more for you in a short time than a generalist who might be more cost-effective as a full-time employee.”

And how do you assess quality when it comes to assigning work to clients? 

“The first thing is to use your network and people you trust, and also to go out to companies who are doing things that already stand out. Also, use other freelancers to find others in the field you’re looking for. These people will have their own networks and preferences of who they want to work with.

“For me, it’s my business and my reputation on the line so it’s really in my interest to bring in the best people who are going to do the best job. It’s about asking the question rather than delivering the information.”

Hear more from Charlie, Alex and Jamie in the video above, and check out the full archive of 99 Bites episodes here.

Editor: We do touch on the subject of today’s Uber ruling, which at the time of recording had yet to be announced and, as is often the way in the media, now slightly out of date. You can see our press release here for the IoD’s official reaction to Uber’s private-hire license.

Learn more about the IoD 99 and the opportunities it can offer your efforts as an entrepreneur starting up, at

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