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IoD consultation response: Department for Transport - aviation

09 Nov 2012
Blurred airport waiting lounge

IoD response to the Department for Transport's draft aviation policy framework consultation

General comments

Aviation provides significant benefits to the economy, which have been well-rehearsed. As the pattern of UK trade continues to change, shifting away from heavy goods and towards high end manufacturing and services, flying will become increasingly important. At the same time, the emerging markets will account for an increasing share of world GDP, and providing direct connections to these markets will be increasingly important for UK businesses.

Aviation has negative impacts on the environment, specifically, CO2, noise, and local air pollution. It is possible to manage the impacts of all three, ensuring that aviation continues to grow in a sustainable way.

Any policy framework for aviation should simply and clearly set out:

  • How the need for airport capacity, especially hub capacity, to grow should be balanced by noise and other environmental mitigation measures;
  • How airports which do not expand with new runways can limit and reduce their environmental footprints over time in a balanced way;
  • How best use can be made of existing capacity in the short-term, before new runways, which are needed, can be constructed;
  • How airports can link with the wider transport network, in particular, how rail and air services can be planned together, not separately.

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