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IoD 99 delegation to the G20YEA summit in Fukuoka, Japan

13 May 2019

written by Alex Mitchell, Chair of the IoD 99

Last year we took an awesome delegation of IoD 99 members to the G20 Entrepreneurs Summit in Argentina and this year we are sending an equally excellent group to the Summit in Fukuoka, Japan.

As you will see below, our delegation this year is a really diverse and dynamic group, running businesses which are potential game changers in their sector and all of the founders going have a huge passion to learn from fellow entrepreneurs from across the globe. The summit programme looks excellent; with tonnes of speakers, panels and obviously the all important networking and cultural opportunities. There is even a pitch session and we have a few of the UK delegates entered into this.

This years delegation includes:

  • Alex Mitchell, IoD 99 and Kit Us Out
  • Claire Starza-Allen, Little Bee Community
  • Carl Yu, Shanghai London Corporate Finance Ltd
  • Dr Ferron Gray, Grae Matta Group
  • Isla Falconer, WhatIF Events
  • Keith Webster, KCStrengthsHUB
  • Liam Tootill, HausBots and The F Factor
  • Lo P. Stewart, LEAP Consortium
  • Marion Marincat, Mumbli Ltd
  • Naomi Jane, A Life Less Ordinary Wanted
  • Samira Musa, The Creative Roots
  • Saroop Rooprai, Belvedere Bentley
  • Simon Harrington-Carter, Atlas
  • Tommie Edwards, Eventbree
  • Ugo Onuoha, Requisify

The theme for this year’s G20YEA Summit is “Imagination Economy – For a Sustainable Future”. It’s all about how creative thinking is shaping the economy of the future in a sustainable way. The topics are going to be sometimes surprising and always thought-provoking: how Pokémon enriches both the real and virtual worlds, thinking out of the box to access untapped job markets, and how AI and AR (augmented reality) fit into the economies of the future.

It might amuse you to know that I’m leading the F*ck Up Session – yes it really is called that – where entrepreneurs from around the world will be sharing their biggest failures and the lessons they’ve learnt. I’m embracing the shift to being honest about mistakes and understanding their value. While at first it’s counter-intuitive, seeing your failures as opportunities means you’ll be following in the footsteps of some impressive achievers.

Sir Edmund Hillary failed to conquer Everest on his first attempt in 1951, but insisted he could one day succeed, reasoning that while the world’s highest peak couldn’t get any bigger, he could. And so he reached the summit two years later. Bill Gates may be world-famous for his incredible business skills, but did you also know that he dropped out of Harvard? The end result wasn’t so bad, as he went on to set up Microsoft.

Another champion of failure was prolific inventor Thomas Edison. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work,” he said. The more we accept, share and embrace failure, the richer our lives become. We can all learn from the greats mentioned above, and just as much from our own and our peers’ failures.

If you’re starting a business, I think this will ring true. There are so many steps along your journey where it’s a fine line between success and failure. Business failure rates in the UK after three years are generally quoted as being over 50 percent. That’s a lot of pressure. It makes you wonder whether the reluctance, up until now, to discuss failure and its actual value has contributed to this statistic.

I will be writing a post-summit blog and will ensure I get all the delegates to feed into this so you can get their own unique takeaways and learning. In the mean time do follow what we are up to out in Japan via the IoD 99 twitter stream:

About the G20YEA

The G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (G20YEA) is an organization composed of organizations of G20 member countries that promotes and develops youth entrepreneurship spirit as the driving force for economic revitalization, employment creation, innovation and social change. Alliance members are representatives of over 500,000 young entrepreneurs.

Every year, the G20YEA gathers hundreds of world youth entrepreneurs at the summit, sharing ideas with the leaders of B 20 and G 20, creating a global change.

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