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Insight Webinar: Top Tips for Tip-Top Presentations

07 Apr 2020

Top Tips for Tip-Top Presentations

By David Henson, The Slide Presentation Man

Do your slides suck?

It’s a sad fact that most presentations given with PowerPoint are ineffective and dull. What can you do to zhoosh up your presentation to make it engaging, empowering and effective?

In this webinar, David Henson, The Slide Presentation Man, covers his top tips for tip-top presentations.

What questions do you need to ask before even going near your laptop?

How do you determine when you should be using slides and, almost as importantly, when not to use them?

How do you structure your presentation to make sure your audience take the action you want them to take?

What about images? What are the things you should employ – and should avoid - when using images? What makes a good image? David will demonstrate some good usage examples and techniques to help you understand.

Then it’s on to the most important point of the whole webinar – the difference between your slides and your handouts.

As a bonus, the webinar also covers tips about presenting online. As online presentations have become much more popular and essential, how do you set yourself up for success and what do you need to think about when presenting slides online?

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Topic: Presentation skills
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Twitter: @Dave_Henson

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