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General Election 2019 - what does business want?

30 Oct 2019
parlAfter three years of to-ing and fro-ing over Brexit, MPs have decided that they cannot make a decision under these circumstances. Agreeing to disagree, a General Election has been called - the third in five years.

Responding to the news on Tuesday evening, the IoD's Director General Jon Geldart commented that many of our members will not be looking forward to this prospect 'with any great enthusiasm'. What they will hope, however, is that 'it could provide the means to break the logjam.'

'Directors want to move on from the Brexit stalemate and start addressing the numerous other challenges facing enterprise. They will want to see all parties stick to sensible, achievable plans that enable the country to do this,' Jon explained.

'Given the past few years of stasis,' he added, 'we have to make up for lost time in areas from skills gaps to infrastructure, and business leaders will not wish to see these issues go ignored during an election.'

The election period will no doubt see many new ideas come forward that could have a significant impact on business. To keep up to date with the latest on what's going on, make sure to sign up to the IoD's morning news round-up, produced by members of the policy team.

While not a party political organisation, the IoD will be pressing for our members' priorities to be heard in the debate, and will be closely scrutinizing each sides' manifestos.

To ensure we reflect your views as closely as possible as we do so, please do sign up to Policy Voice, our dedicated monthly survey platform, or email

It may be a bumpy ride for politics in the run-up for Christmas. But that doesn't mean the views of business should take a backseat.
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