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In Good Company - Day In The Life

Day in the life - Chris Fung

20 Sep 2018
Chris Fung, former CEO of Crussh Fit Food & Juice Bars


Chris Fung, former CEO of Crussh Fit Food and Juice Bars

Chris Fung, former, CEO of Crussh, lives in Southeast London with his wife and two children.

What time does your alarm go off?

Typically around 7:30am although the kids are up by then. I shower and think through the day or any problems that need to be solved. If my mind isn’t already firing on something, then I tend to do some meditation. Afterwards, I’ll do a simple morning exercise routine and then have breakfast with my wife and kids before kicking off the rest of the day.

Chris speaking at Sweden Food Tech conferenceWhat are you responsible for?

I’m there to help the founders and entrepreneurs I’m working with to guide their companies to success and to help avoid some of the inevitable pitfalls and challenges of growing and scaling a company. I act as a trusted sounding board in the interests of the founders’ vision and the business, first and foremost.

With the experience I have of the healthy eating space and retail, I’m focused mainly on the Food/Foodtech sectors although increasingly also Education and Edtech as well. I have a particular way I think about the NED role that I find more effective for entrepreneur-led businesses and it’s a really exciting time to be involved in these sectors as they are undergoing some significant disruption.

I am also an external member of council for the University of Gloucestershire and I’m also on the audit committee so there are additional responsibilities for the corporate governance of the University and supporting the executive management in order to deliver on their strategy.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

Some of the businesses I actively seek out and look for in the sectors I have a view on - it’s not really a job per se, but I’m building up a portfolio of high growth businesses that I’m truly excited about and can add a lot of value to. It’s got to be fun too!

Describe your typical day?

I’ll walk my son to school and we’ll have a little chat about his day. I’ll also do at least one or two nursery drop offs with my daughter and try once a week to get a hit of tennis in the morning. It’s been great fun over this amazing summer as we’ve been able to walk the kids to school and nursery.

Depending on what the day looks like I'll do some prep for the businesses I’m involved in or I’ll head off to meetings with various people. Nowadays it will be the founders and teams I’m working with, entrepreneurs, industry people, various investors and also friends.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

A Chinese saying that translates along the lines of "take a step back and the ocean will become wider and the sky larger." In other words, give the other person a bit of space and room to move in any discussion, negotiation or partnership and the opportunities will open up.

What are the best things about your job?

The great thing about what I do now is that I'm able to leverage my time and experience with founders and entrepreneurs to help them grow. I get to focus on the fun parts of the CEO role that I enjoy and am perhaps disproportionately better at, while not having to do the parts I am less interested in. I am particularly enjoying doing more NPD and innovation and also have the time to learn and think more deeply about businesses and the sectors I’m involved in. I’m also enjoying connecting businesses together across different industries.

Chris and family in IbizaHow do you unwind after work?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and kids, catching up with friends, and I’m getting back into more sport – squash, tennis, touch football, and meditation.

Where do you go for personal &/or professional advice?

For both personal and professional advice –family – my wife, mum and brother have always been a great source of deep and insightful advice. For business/professional advice more recently, I have a close group of friends who are ex-Bainies who I bounce investment ideas and business challenges with and also a couple of people I consider trusted advisors and mentors.

What do you attend/read/watch to get ideas and inspiration?

Travel is always a great way to get ideas and inspiration – on a whole number of levels. Eating out has been something really important throughout my life – and even just in London there is so much going on. Maos, Hide Above, Evelyn’s Table, Sabor, and Kiln have been some recent restaurants I’ve really enjoyed that have inspired me.

I spend a reasonable amount of time listening to books on Audible and also interesting podcasts – especially when travelling. I’m listening to Tim Ferriss, London Real, and some of the Silicon Valley shows like 'This week in Startups', a16z and others – it’s a great way to be productive while you’re on the go.

How do you stay productive throughout the day?

Healthy food, movement, and meditation – smart coffee (Crussh’s version of Bulletproof Coffee) and Focus@Will (music app for concentration) also does wonders as well!

What would have been your alternative career?

I’m already doing what I’d always hoped I would do at various stages of my career. If there was a true alternative I would have liked, it would have been a pro athlete or guitarist in a band, neither of which I have the talent nor skill for!

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