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A message from the new Chair

03 Sep 2018

charlotte valeurDear members,

I am delighted to have been appointed as Chair of the IoD. It is truly a privilege to Chair such an outstanding organisation with excellent traditions, where what matters is supporting our members in being great business leaders.

Having started my career in banking in 1982 in Denmark I moved to London in 1991 to work in dealing rooms in the City. I greatly enjoyed living and working in London, leaving investment banking when I had my first child in 1999. I set up my own business in 2002 and have run my own business since - I became a member of the IoD in this period. My business evolved into mostly corporate governance advice and serving on boards, and in 2009 I founded my current governance consultancy. Governance has now become a central part of everything I do.

Good Corporate Governance to me is an undervalued asset and remains underappreciated. With relatively little effort it is easy to follow best practice, which is all upside.Having a vision of increasing levels of good governance globally, what better organisation to be a member of than the IoD!

The IoD’s scale and spread across the UK and beyond is an advantage that makes it an organisation where current and future business leaders can learn, grow and find encouragement and support. The depth of collective knowledge and experience in our membership is to be celebrated and expanded upon. The more leaders from different areas and backgrounds we gather, the more our collective voice will grow in strength.

During my membership of the IoD I have taken part in many events, which have mostly revolved around governance, and they all taught me something. I have met many other members whom I have had great business discussions with at all levels and whom I learnt a lot from.

Through serving as the Chair of the IoD, I look forward to be able to give back some of all that I have received during my years of membership. I will endeavour to contribute to improving the membership experience as much as I possibly can during my term.

In all that the IoD does, there should be a culture of engagement, which puts the members first. The IoD should be agile enough to make change when needed and endeavour to be proactive and forward looking.

The world is changing rapidly and I am sure many of you have felt the winds of change in your own businesses. Sharing experiences and lessons learnt is helpful for us all when navigating the future.

As the Chair, I am keen to listen, learn and act. I’m excited by the prospect of meeting members during the years to come and learning about your experiences, and your ideas for improvement. My role is to support the Director General in putting these improvements into action.

In the meantime I will provide regular updates via a new Chair’s blog to keep members informed of what I experience as we go forward.

I look forward to working with you all and to being part of an exciting future for the IoD.

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