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Good Governance Debate

Welcome to the IoD Good Governance Debate. Here you can find our Good Governance Reports, including the latest 2017 version, alongside articles and useful information on corporate governance.

The IoD Good Governance Debate kicked off in earnest with the publication of our first Good Governance Report in 2015 with the twin objectives of:

  1. Fulfilling our Royal Charter obligation to promote development of the law and practice of UK corporate governance
  2. Ensuring that the debate was led by practitioners – directors – rather than policy specialists, professional advisors and legislators

2017 Good Governance Report

2017 Good Governance Report cover

Now in its third year, The Good Governance Report 2017 features more factors than before.

Read 2017 report here

2016 Good Governance Report

2016 Good Governance Report cover

In the second Report, we refined the Index and continued our Good Governance Debate.

Read 2016 report here

2015 Good Governance Report

2015 Good Governance Report cover

The first ever Report in a move towards creating a comprehensive governance index.

Read 2015 report here


Read our Good Governance articles here to find out more about corporate governance