Student Guru Panel

Code of Practice

In sending an email to a member of the IoD Guru Panel, you are indicating that you have read, accepted and commit to adhering to the following Code of Practice.

Communication with the Gurus

In the first instance, communication is restricted to the use of the respective [email protected] address with future responses and follow ups utilising the same secure email address.

This email address will be cycled through a series of Gurus over the course of the year and the current recipient will be advertised on the website. Handover dates will be advertised and after which point it may not be possible to communicate with a previous Guru.

Should the Guru wish it he/she may decide to give a separate, personal email for future communications. This should not be sought and if received should be treated with discretion and respect. Personal email addresses must not be distributed or published in any way.

Advice Sought and Given

The Gurus are willing to answer any questions relating to the general world of business or their specific and described skills and experience. Their advice is given without fear or favour and from an entirely voluntary viewpoint. An acting Guru may be an IoD member or, on occasion, an IoD staff member, but views given do not represent the views of the Institute nor should be taken as such. Any future actions taken that may correspond to or reflect the advice of a Guru is the sole responsibility of the student member and no liability can be attached to the Guru or the IoD.

IoD Moderation

An IoD moderator will oversee all correspondence and, where necessary, intervene to provide factual advice or indicate that personal opinion should not be given for such a query.

In some instances you may be approached by the IoD moderator requesting use of your question and answer as an online example. It is within your rights to refuse this request without prejudice.

Code of Behaviour

Inflammatory or defamatory language, libel, profanity, rudeness or general behaviour that can be perceived as inappropriate for an IoD member will result in the revocation of your IoD Student Membership.

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