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Policy Voice


IoD Policy Voice enables you to make your voice heard through monthly surveys on key business issues.

Launched in 2008 to help fulfil the terms of our Royal Charter, Policy Voice seeks IoD members’ opinions on the issues that matter to business leaders, including Brexit priorities, regulation, skills and the economy.

Find out more about Policy Voice here.

Podcast Series

We are pleased to share with you the IoD's Policy Voice podcast series, hosted by Rasmi Dube, Policy Voice Ambassador for Yorkshire & North East.

Rashmi is the managing director of multi-award-winning legal practice Legatus Law. She has worked in the legal profession for 20 years.

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Policy Voice Podcast with Karl Pemberton CDir

As businesses emerge from a period of damaging lockdown, what lies ahead in the next 90 days? In her latest interview, IoD Policy Voice Ambassador Rashmi Dube meets Karl Pemberton, managing director of Active Financial Planners, Chartered Director and chair of the IoD North East (South) branch. Rashmi and Karl discuss how directors can move on from the initial phase of fire-fighting into a period of strategic thinking and robust business planning.

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Date recorded 8.6.20

Policy Voice Podcast with Richard Smith CDir

In her latest podcast, Rashmi interviews Richard Smith, chief operating officer of 2M Holdings, IoD West Yorkshire branch chair, Fellow and Chartered Director.Richard talks about the benefits of IoD Chartered Director status and his personal journey to achieving the qualification.He discusses how the qualification helps directors to understand their responsibilities and assists with effective time management – a topical issue in the current climate.

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Date recorded 29.5.20

Policy Voice Podcast with Victoria Clarke-Brown
In her latest podcast, Rashmi chats with Vickie Brown, finance director of Distinction Group, about her success in working with HMRC as a test case to defer import VAT and duty. Distinction Group is a Barnsley-based home improvements group with 165 employees and a £40m turnover. Vickie is an IoD South Yorkshire committee member and Chartered Director. Vickie explains how Distinction Group was forced to suspend production due to Covid-19 and subsequently worked with HMRC, backed by the IoD, to defer VAT and duty on its imports from the Far East and protect the cashflow of the business.

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Date recorded 4.5.20

Policy Voice Podcast with Extreme Leaders

In our latest IoD Policy Voice podcast, Rashmi Dube meets Polar adventurer Alan Chambers MBE and ex-Special Forces officer Wayne Hoyle of Extreme Leaders. Alan and Wayne have experience of navigating complex and uncertain landscapes and both faced challenges that have pushed them to their physical and mental limits. In this interview, Alan and Wayne talk about how directors can deal with the considerable change and challenge posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Date recorded 16.4.20

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Policy Voice Podcast with Phillip King

Late payments cause major problems for small businesses, damaging cashflow and occasionally putting the future of a company at risk. This has never been truer than now, with Covid-19 heaping more pressure on already stretched company finances. In her latest podcast interview, IoD Policy Voice Ambassador Rashmi Dube interviews the government’s newly appointed Small Business Commissioner Phillip King to discuss how the organisation works, how it resolves issues and why, in the current climate, it is vital to accelerate payments to suppliers.

Date recorded: 30.3.20

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Policy Voice Podcast with Charlotte Armitage 

In our latest episode, Rashmi interviews Charlotte Armitage, business psychologist and founder of the Yorkshire Academy of Film and Television Acting (YAFTA). Rashmi and Charlotte talk about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and how isolation affects our mental health. As our everyday family and business routines change dramatically and face-to-face interaction is reduced to a minimum, how do we protect our mental wellbeing?

Date recorded: 25.3.20

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Policy Voice Podcast with Edwin Morgan

This episode features an interview with Edwin Morgan, Director of Policy at the IoD. Edwin joined the IoD in 2010 after a career as a civil servant in government. Edwin outlines his role in seeking out the views of business leaders across the country to feedback to Whitehall decision-makers. Key mechanisms for feedback from the regions include the monthly Police Voice surveys which track the opinions of around 1,000 IoD members on the issues and challenges facing businesses in 2020.

Date recorded: 3.3.20

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Policy Voice Podcast with Jon Geldart

In our latest Policy Voice Podcast, Rashmi Dube chats with Jon Geldart, the recently appointed new Director General of the IoD. Jon has considerable experience working in China and the podcast explores what UK businesses should be doing to manage the impact of the coronavirus before Jon sets out his vision for the IoD which includes a new structure designed to deliver value closer to members. The new vision will see the IoD stay true to why it was established – to be the voice of business, promote good governance and support individual directors.

Date recorded: 3.3.20

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Policy Voice Podcast with Roger Marsh OBE 

In our latest Polucy Voice podcast, Rashmi Dube talks to Roger Marsh of the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Roger outlines why the region is part of the solution for the UK plc and how major transport infrastrcute investments can further unlock the region's potential. 

Date recorded: 15.01.20

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Policy Voice Podcast with Allie Renison

This episode features an interview with Allie Renison, Head of Europe & Trade Policy at the IoD, and one of the most influential voices on Brexit.
Allie has spent the past few years touring the country to meet with businesses, understand their feelings on Brexit and offer advice on how leaving the EU might affect them.

Date recorded: 24.10.19

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