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IoD City special interest Property Group

What are the objectives of your Special Interest Group?

  1. Connect — Bring together people from the City and beyond who share an interest in the built environment.
  2. Develop — Deliver interesting, relevant and timely content to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and new ideas.
  3. Influence — Reinforce the Property Group as a recognised player in the London built environment ‘ecosystem’.

Three Priorities?

  1. Deliver interesting, relevant and timely content
  2. Expand our network — include construction and infrastructure within ‘property’, as it is all interrelated as the ‘built environment’.
  3. Raise our visibility and influence as a group – provide comment/insights to property industry media

How can members participate/contribute?

  • Apply to join the SIG committee — bring your energy and good ideas to the group
  • Recommend subjects you’d like to see covered in our events
  • Attend our events and webinars
  • Join our LinkedIn Group (to be set up) to engage with others online
  • Keep the networking going ‘offline’ between formal events

Any additional comments, testimonials, quotes from attendees/partners/committee members, stats etc. that you think might be of interest?

The property and construction sector represent approximately 13% of the UK’s GDP, so it is a vital contributor to our economy and national wealth. It is important that we continue to develop and evolve the industry in line with social, economic, technological and environmental issues. The IoD City Property Group aims to provide a useful forum for such progress.

We ask the Incoming Chair (as of September) of the Property special interest group (SIG), Richard Nelson, a bit about himself

What is your day job?

Managing Director/Owner of Abyss Global Ltd, a business development consultancy exclusively focused on international trade and export for design, construction and property firms.

Why did you join the IoD?

  • Expand my professional network
  • Develop my leadership and business management skills
  • Facilitate my becoming a Non-Executive Director one day

What do you enjoy doing outside work?

  • Walking/hiking
  • Golf
  • Formula One — try to attend a couple races each season
  • Learning Spanish
  • Spending time at our place in Spain
  • Exploring architecture and construction around the world, while soaking up cultures, cuisine and life

Three personal things - where were you born / where do you live/ a personal goal / or anything else you want to share.

  1. Born and raised in America (Connecticut, if you know where that is)
  2. I have dual citizenship — British and American
  3. I played lacrosse throughout school and university, and for about 10 years after (I wish I was still in shape to be able to play, but those days are over!)

SIG Members

Hamish McArthur - Chair

Richard Nelson - Incoming Chair

David Stringer-Lamarre - SIG Member

Paul Whiston - SIG Member

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Postal Address and Member Premise 
116 Pall Mall

Member Hub
68 Lombard Street

Open Monday to Friday

8:00am to 6:00pm

Please do not send post to Lombard Street as this will not be picked up

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