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Please do contact your local team with any event, membership, sponsorship or other queries and they'll be happy to help...

If you'd like to get in touch with a committee member, please contact the national administrator in the first instance.

Scotland team

National Director:
Malcolm Cannon
0131 557 5488

National Chair:
Aidan O'Carroll
0131 557 5488

Head of Membership Services: 
Kirsty Livingstone
07814 386 129

Membership Engagement Officer:
Natasha Ure
0131 557 5488

Avril Gall, Director Development:
Avril Gall
0131 557 5488

National Administrator: 
Patricia Huth
0131 557 5488  

Nations Administrative Assistant: Thurs - Fri
Elliot Britee
0131 557 5488

Nations Administrative Assistant:  Mon - Wed
Siobhan Doherty
0131 557 5488

Meet the Chair

We talk to the Aidan O'Carroll, IoD Scotland chair, about start-ups, innovation and economic growth.

Find out more

Scotland Committee members

Aberdeen committee

Mark McCue - Chair
Karen Arthur
Colette Backwell
Chris Bird
Alison Ellis
David Fleming
John Michie
Dean Phillips
Tricia Walker
Callum Wilson



Edinburgh committee

Julie Ashworth - Chair
Maria Hamilton
Ewan Kinnear
Kirsty Mackenzie
Jeff Simpson
Liz Dean-Stevens

Fife committee

Ian Collins - Chair 
John Lupton
Stephen Westwood
John Clarke
Joyce Lamond
Andrew Mitchinson

Highlands & Islands committee

Donald Forsyth - Chair
Lisa Lambie
Fiona Larg
Rene Looper
David Nicholson
Craig Spence
Jennifer Robertson
Michael Thomson

Glasgow committee

Craig Jamieson - Chair
Chris Floyd
Sharon McEwan
Tony McElroy
Robbie Drummond
Ralph Leishman
Derek May
Laura Battles
Brian McEwan
Garry Bernstein
Stephen Breslin
Seonag Mackinnon

Tayside committee

Sonia Cottom - Chair
Alan Davis
Marlene Lowe
Roy McLellan
Martin Smith
Wicus Van Biljon

Scotland Central Committee

Ron Smith - Chair

Neil Bradbrook
Russell Dalgleish 
Jim Metcalfe
Derek Robertson
Ken Thomson
Alain Van Weert
Brian Williamson
Shona Mitchell

For more information, please contact

0131 557 5488


Branch and staff contacts can be found on the main Contacts tab