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IoD London Entrepreneur Group


For the Entrepreneur Group to become the place for start ups and entrepreneurs to grow their business.


Create an environment that supports entrepreneurs and start ups through each stage of their journey.



Success Stories - we want to hear from successful start-ups and learn from their experiences.

Journey Stories - we want to hear from start-ups currently going through the process and understanding the challenges they face. We will follow their journey each quarter to track their progress and follow their story.

If either of these sound like your start-up - Get in touch!

Knowledge Bank

Stage of Company
Activities to Cover
 Start of the start up Design Phase
Idea of Company
Business model
How to sell
Company Legal structure
Tax Structure
 Scaling Grow your business
Funding options
Back office options
Setting up governance
Employing people
Stabilise, Organic growth & Growth by Acquisition
Further growth options
Further funding options
Transition away from operations



A number of formal, and not so formal networking events will be set up to allow like minded entrepreneurs to get together and change the world! Reach out and make contact to be included to stay up to date with everything.


Chair - Jack Swallow

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