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Policy Voice


IoD Policy Voice enables you to make your voice heard through monthly surveys on key business issues.

Launched in 2008 to help fulfil the terms of our Royal Charter, Policy Voice seeks IoD members’ opinions on the issues that matter to business leaders, including Brexit priorities, regulation, skills and the economy.

Find out more about Policy Voice here.

IoD Isle of Man - Representing your views

IoD Isle of Man partnered with KPMG Isle of Man towards the end of 2020 with the launch of the quarterly Pulse Survey.  Central to this partnership was the need to have a greater understanding of our local business community and build a platform through which we could assist leaders to make better informed decisions. 

Each Pulse Survey is designed to explore key, topical business issues relating to the Isle of Man and measure business and economic confidence. Through establishing benchmarks and identifying trends, we aim to uncover, represent, and convey what matters to you.

The Pulse Survey is aimed at C-suite and above. 

The first edition of the Isle of Man Pulse Survey Report is now available for your review.  Read the full report here

The second Pulse Survey has now been published - view the full report here.

The second survey covered topics such as business growth, turnover expectations, reactions to the handling of Manx border controls, tax policy and ESG plans. 

Summary of key findings from the second report - 

  • 44% of Isle of Man businesses surveyed experienced increased off-island activity, compared to 26% in the last survey.
  • Across the island’s business sectors, many expect turnover to increase in the next 12 months despite feeling their business growth was constrained at the time of the survey.
  • In both of our surveys to date, 69% of respondents said they would not change the Isle of Man border policy, despite noting some trading difficulties.
  • The majority of businesses expressed concern that changes in international tax may impact the Isle of Man economy.
  • Manx businesses with an ESG plan in place are very much a minority. Survey responses suggest a lack of knowledge and data is the reason for this. 

The full report includes expert analysis and commentary, along with 18 pages of survey data and results, giving you detailed insights into the island’s business sectors. 

The Third Pulse Survey is in development and we hope to share with you soon for your input.