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Share Your Leadership Knowledge - Student Work Shadowing Opportunity

14 Nov 2019

IoD Work Shadowing Opportunity

Would you like the a chance to share your leadership through a work shadowing opportunity?

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a business leader like you to offer a short leadership work shadowing experience opportunity. Small groups of up to 5 students will visit you in your workplace. Our aim is for each student to:

  • Attend your place of work
  • Gain an understanding of your leadership experience and context of your role
  • Observe you during an activity demonstrating your leadership
  • Exchange reflections on your activity

The short visit (approx. 3 hours) would take place on a date of your choice between 1st February – 1st April 2020. The format is flexible.

If you would like to host a small team of talented students in your place of work, please register your interest by completing this short survey.

Register your interest here

These talented students are from Queen Mary University of London and have been selected to participate in the University’s Future Global Leaders Forum.

The Future Global Leaders Forum is a campus-based work experience programme designed to strengthen and build students’ skills, mind-set and cultural agility, shaping them into future global leaders. Through taking part in this programme, students learn how to:

  • Work together as part of a team
  • Develop leadership and other professional skills
  • Take on leadership roles
  • Hold a purpose of driving positive change across the campus or community

To find out more about the Future Global Leaders Programme at Queen Mary University of London, visit their website

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