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City of London

Doing Good is Good for Your Business

13 Nov 2017
IoD City of London

According to Deloitte, 73% of CFOs now recognise the direct link between running an ethical and sustainable business, and increasing financial performance.

Doing things ethically not only helps you feel good about your work, it can also make a tangible difference to your bottom line.

It’s not just about donating money to charities. There are a range of ways a company can have a positive impact. Other examples include companies donating products or employees donating time or expertise to a cause or organisation. A company can also improve its efficiency, waste management or recycling capability.

Some of the many potential benefits can include improved employee retention, company brand enhancement, client acquisition, compliance and cost savings.

Our Young Executives special interest group examined the concept on 14th November. Our ‘doing good is good for business’ event was kindly hosted by Birkbeck College and saw a range of professionals coming together to hear about how SMEs can benefit from doing good through their business.

The lively discussion was then followed by successful networking – always a strong point of our Young Executives events.

The inspiring event left us thinking about what we could do differently to do good via our businesses.

Be sure to join us for our future Young Executives events to continue the discussion. Our next event will be held in the new year and we hope you can join us for it.

You can view a selection of photos from the event on our Facebook page.

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