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IoD East Midlands - Policy Voice Roundtable with James Pinchbeck

18 Sep 2020
IoD East Midlands Online , Online
East Midlands Policy Voice Ambassador, James Pinchbeck, will be leading this online discussion for local members, ensuring the voices of local businesses are amplified and carried forward to the central government for discussion.

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Date & time: 18 Sep 2020 11:00 - 12:00
Location: IoD East Midlands Online , Online
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Event manager:
Ms Cari Grice
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0115 857 8169
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Launched in 2008 to help fulfill the terms of our Royal Charter, Policy Voice seeks IoD members’ opinions on the issues that matter to business leaders, including Brexit priorities, regulation, skills and the economy.

Topics for Friday's session will include the following...

• As employers are being actively encouraged to return to work and their place of work, as furlough comes to an end, what challenges does this create for business leaders and their workforce?

• What do members feel are the biggest concerns or challenges as we get to get grips with impact of a pandemic and approach the end of the transition period for our withdrawal of the EU on 1st January 2021?

• The cost of measures and support for businesses introduced by the Government through the pandemic unquestionably will lead to tax hikes and changes, what are members viewpoints on possible tax changes and the timing of their possible introduction and potential impact on growth?

• The East Midlands is a diverse and mixed economy as such some sectors have fared better than others during the pandemic. In particular those that have been hard hit have been air travel, retail and tourism and hospitality do members feel more needs to be done, perhaps on a selective basis to support these and other sectors unable to get back to any real sense of normality? For example, a more selective and more targeted furlough scheme, perhaps with short working schemes or further financial support via grants or loans.

• Do members feel the impact of Covid-19 will have a lasting effect on governance and the role of directors going forward and if so how and in what way?




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