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IoD Webinar: Maintaining a business through Coronavirus

15 Apr 2020
Online webinar, Online
In these rapidly changing times we are delighted to bring you a webinar from IoD Member Darren Wray, CEO of Fifth Step on maintaining your business through Coronavirus.

Darren will be covering a number of pertinent issues for you and your business during these difficult times and at the end of the formal presentation there will be an opportunity to anonmously ask any questions you might have.

We hope you can join us.

Key details

Date & time: 15 Apr 2020 12:30 - 13:30
Location: Online webinar, Online
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No Charge.

Event manager:
Ms Mel Forrer-Pratt
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Learning Objectives:

How to understand the risks that Coronavirus poses to your business
o Staff safety and availability
o Access to offices and buildings
o Supply chain issues

How to mitigate some of the common risks
o Working from home – a panacea for some and managing remote staff if you’re not used to it
o When staff can’t work from home - split shifts for example

Understanding your organisation’s readiness, what factors to consider
o How has your business been impacted so far?
o Have any of your staff had the virus?
o How easy is it for your staff to work from home?
o How easy is it for you staff to work split shifts?
o How many of your staff are in higher risk areas?

How to prepare your staff for new working practices
o Maintaining a sense of team
o Maintaining work levels
o Understanding and adapting to different working patterns - particularly for staff working from home with children

Ensuring Everyone Knows the Plan

Anonymous Q&A session to allow you to get the benefit of the Fifth Step’s knowledge and experience of implementing and responding to such events

Online bookings are closed, if you wish to join this webinar please email


Darren Wray, CEO of Fifth Step

The road to becoming a CEO - with all the responsibilities and duties that entails – has been part of a journey that comes as a direct result of Darren’s strong background as a senior IT Leadership with experience of multinational business in a number of industry sectors including financial services and media. In a career spanning more than 25 years, Darren has experience of some of the biggest Financial Services and Technology brands including IBM, ACE (now Chubb), Abbey (now Santander) and Norwich Union (now Aviva) among others.

Darren has a long history with helping organisations develop and implement their business resiliency plans and processes to help protect them against the scenarios and risks.

His strategic acumen, practical management knowledge and huge passion and enthusiasm for all things technology related has placed him on first name terms with members of the c-suite and senior leadership teams in the UK, US, Bermuda and further afield. Particular areas of expertise and experience include Business Resiliency, Complex Change Management, Business and Technology Strategic Planning, Implementing Global Data Protection requirements, and the Implementation of Enterprise and Internet-based solutions.

Darren is hugely committed to helping organizations achieve their Business IT and Resiliency goals but knows from personal experience that an iterative approach to complex change is a far more successful way of implementing change, this is particularly important when dealing with complex and largescale changes.

Darren can be contacted at



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No Charge.


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