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IoD Advance Insight Webinar: Bin the Babble - How better communication can win you more business

21 Jan 2020
Institute of Directors, London

Insight Webinars – run by members, for members – are designed to enable you to explore a key topic, grow your network and gain practical advice from experts within the Advance community. This webinar will be hosted by Catherine Cross.

Can you explain simply and memorably what your business does and the benefits you offer?

Corporate jargon is frequently cited as one of the most annoying business habits, yet how often do you drop phrases like “end-to-end solutions”, “channels”, “digital platforms” or “vertical markets” into a conversation, without thinking whether a potential client will really understand what you mean?

This workshop will show you how to talk about your business in a simple, clear and effective style that could help you win more customers. It will examine why tangible, clear messaging is a vital business tool and show you how to develop and structure messages, from a simple “elevator pitch” through to a more complex narrative document (a “message house”). It will also analyse the power of stories, examples, anecdotes and metaphors to add credibility and make you stand out from the crowd.

Come to this session to learn the golden rules of messages (it’s NOT all about you!) and improve your confidence to be an effective spokesperson for your company.

This workshop will be led by IoD Advance member Catherine Cross, a former BBC journalist who has spent the last 20 years delivering sought-after media, communications and presentation training courses globally. Please see below for full bio.


Click 'Join Webinar' to join Catherine at 1pm on Tuesday 21st January (if you can't attend this time, sign up anyway to receive a recording afterwards)

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Not an Advance member? You're more than welcome to tune in to experience our unique event formats. Please contact the Advance Community Team on 020 7766 8808 or at if you have any questions.

Key details

Date & time: 21 Jan 2020 13:00 - 14:00
Location: Institute of Directors, London
CPD Hours:

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No Charge.

Event manager:
Miss Anna Calderbank
Contact phone:
020 7766 8808
Contact email:


Catherine Cross - The Media Coach

Catherine has extensive experience in advising companies for positive campaigns, product launches and raising their media profile. Her presentation training has been used by speakers preparing for national and international conferences, including the World Economic Forum, analyst and investor road shows, board meetings and internal events. She has worked with numerous internationally-renowned corporate clients, using her extensive knowledge of journalism from almost 10 years as a reporter, producer and presenter in local radio, BBC network radio, Regional Television, and at the World Service.



Prices from

No Charge.


  • Institute of Directors
  • 116 Pall Mall
  • London
  • SW1Y 5ED

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