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**FULLY BOOKED** IoD East of England CPD - Professional Director Series

13 Sep 2019
The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge

*This event is FULLY BOOKED. However we have added additional spaces on Thursday 12th September. Link here.*

IoD Professional Director Series | CPD in your region

The IoD is here to help you be the best leader you can be. Whether you’ve been a director for days or decades, there is always something new to discover about the role, your responsibilities, and the business world around you. In an economy that’s changing by the day, it’s never been more important to be on top of your game with professional development. 

To help you understand your role as a director, and future-proof your board and organisation, we’ve developed our Professional Director Series – bringing accessible and digestible CPD to your region on the topics that matter. The whole series – wherever you are in the UK - is mapped to the IoD Director Competency Framework, keeping your learning relevant, up-to-date and in line with your professional development ambitions. Whether you’re embarking on the Certificate in Company Direction or are a qualified Chartered Director, this CPD series is the perfect accompaniment – or refresher – to your existing knowledge.

You’ll also be part of a group of leaders from organisations of all shapes and sizes across your region, giving you the opportunity to connect, learn from each other, share your setbacks and successes, and encourage each other at the most senior level. 

The morning session with include two carefully designed courses on 'Strategic Decision Making' and 'Top 5 Things Every Director Should Know'. The afternoon session will explore the popular courses 'Practical Tips for Becoming a NED and 'Risk Management and Value Creation'.

Course attendees can either register for a morning session, an afternoon session or the full day.

Date and location Session 1
(morning session)
Session 2
(afternoon session)
Full Day
(morning and afternoon sessions)
13th September 2019

The Bradfield Centre,
Strategic Decision Making
Top 5 Things every Director should know

(9am - 12.30pm)

£140 for members
£240 for non-members
Practical tips for becoming a NED
Risk Management and Value Creation
(1pm – 4.30pm)

£140 for members
£240 for non-members
Full Day CPD session

(9am – 4.30pm)

£249 for members
£349 for non-members


CPD Workshop Details 

Strategic Decision Making - Morning course 1

The aim of this workshop is to equip participants with an understanding of the ingredients of effective strategic decision-making and provide insight into the main challenges. Having done this, the workshop provides participants with a way of assessing their own organisation’s competence in strategic decision-making and identifying the areas to focus on to strengthen this ability.

This workshop looks at all three of what Cliff Bowman called the ‘zones of debate’ and what these mean for directors. It looks at the role of ‘comfortable debate’ – and the limits to its value. 

It looks at the notion of ‘uncomfortable debate’ – with guidance on how to facilitate this. It will also explore the impact of ‘assumptions’ that underpin debate about strategic decisions, and how these are promoted by organisational culture and human behaviour, as well as strategic deliberation.

This workshop is based on academic research and the book ‘Strategic Decision Making’, which focus on how senior teams make strategic decisions. 

By the time you have completed the session, you will be able to:
1. Identify the ingredients of and challenges around effective strategic decision-making.
2. Assess your own organisation’s strategic decision making capability and know where this can be strengthened.
The Top 5 Things Every Director Should Know - Morning course 2

This interactive workshop will enable you to distinguish the role of a director from the roles of other actors involved in the management and oversight of a business, and explore the link between a director’s duty towards the company and their potential personal liability. 

This practical session will explore the top five things every director must know, looking at the following questions:

1. Who is a director?
2. What do directors do?
3. What authority does a board have?
4. What personal liabilities do directors have?
5. What is a conflict of interest?

By the time you have completed the session, you will be able to:
1. Distinguish the role of a director from those of the other actors involved in the management and oversight of an organisation
2. Understand the link between a director's duty towards the company and their potential personal liability as directors. 
Practical Tips for Becoming a NED - Afternoon course 1

Choosing to become a non-executive director (NED) could be prompted by a lifestyle change or a desire to use skills and knowledge gained in an executive environment. This could be fuelled by an ambition to do something worthy in the third sector or to support enterprising organisations. Or it could be the result of wanting to become involved in an organisation without taking on an executive role.

Whatever the rationale, it is essential to know how to access such roles – and how to make yourself the most desirable candidate in a marketplace where multiple applicants may be attempting to secure a prime role.

This workshop will also explore the risks and responsibilities of the NED role, with recommendations on best practice for assessing contracts in an increasingly litigious environment.

By the time you have completed the session, you will be able to:
1. Identify what skills you have and need to hone, to meet the needs of NED positions - and how to distinguish yourselves from others. They will be able to use this knowledge to write a compelling CV and put together a well-prepared list of questions before you proceed.
2. Understand the risks and responsibilities of being a NED, and as such be better placed to assess contracts.
Risk Management and Value Creation - Afternoon course 2

This interactive workshop provides a board-level introduction to risk management: understanding the true nature of risk, exploring how businesses can prepare for uncertainty, and examining the director's role in managing risk.

Based around interactive discussion and a practical case study, the session will help delegates to understand how risk management improves decision-making, thereby adding value, and will focus their attention on the roles and responsibilities of directors in managing risk across the organisation.

By the time you have completed the session, you will be able to:
1. Evaluate risk by focusing on threats and opportunities in order to add value through improved decision-making. (Effective risk management is not only about mitigating threats, it is also about taking opportunities, thereby increasing chances of hitting targets and meeting objectives.)  
2. Discuss the director's role in assessing and managing the principal risks, and overseeing the risk amangement and int overseeing the risk management and internal control systems.

Key details

Date & time: 13 Sep 2019 09:00 - 17:00
Location: The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge
CPD Hours: 3.0000

Prices from

140.00 GBP + VAT - Member | AM Session
140.00 GBP + VAT - Member | PM Session
240.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Member | AM Session
240.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Member | PM Session
249.00 GBP + VAT - Member Full Day
349.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Member Full Day

Event manager:
IoD Cambridge Officer
Contact phone:
0203 006 2729
Contact email:


IoD course leader

Paul Munden course leader

Business experience

Paul is an experienced commercial law barrister and Chartered Director. Over the last ten years Paul has served as general counsel of the Business Link operation in London. During this time Paul has advised on a wide range of complex and politically sensitive commercial law issues, working with senior leaders in government and the civil service. Throughout his career Paul has championed the improvement of corporate governance standards in businesses and governmental organisations across London. Paul also served as non-executive chairman of a Bafta award winning educational software house.

Paul recently served on the Legal Services Board (Consumer Panel), the body responsible for ensuring ongoing reform in legal services in the UK and is chairman of the National Youth Music Theatre, a leading national charity for the arts. In previous assignments Paul has served on the Board of Mid Essex Primary Care Trust and represented the trust on the North Essex Cluster Primary Care Trust board responsible for commissioning £1.5bn of healthcare services annually and has acted as special adviser to the board of the General Teaching Council for England.

Professional credentials and training experience

Paul is currently a governance course leader at the Institute of Directors and has contributed to the development of courses in its Chartered Director programme. Paul has led Chartered Director courses within the UK, throughout the Middle East and many other jurisdictions across the world. In his role at the Institute of Directors, Paul has worked with the boards of some of the UK’s leading companies, among others, directors at Royal Dutch Shell, Fed Ex UK, BMT Group and John Laing. In the public sector Paul has worked with officers at the highest levels of the Ministry of Defence, the National Health Service, the Police and the Department of International Development.

Internationally Paul has led courses for, among others, directors at the Islamic Development Bank, First Atlantic Bank Ghana, CRDB Bank Tanzania, Capital G Bank Bermuda, ACWA Power Saudi Arabia, The National Lottery Authority Ghana and Samruk-Kazyna.



Prices from

140.00 GBP + VAT - Member | AM Session
140.00 GBP + VAT - Member | PM Session
240.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Member | AM Session
240.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Member | PM Session
249.00 GBP + VAT - Member Full Day
349.00 GBP + VAT - Non-Member Full Day


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  • The Bradfield Centre
  • 184 Cambridge Science Park
  • Milton Road
  • Cambridge
  • CB4 0GA

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