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Chartered Director FAQs


  • Can anyone become a Chartered Director?
  • Applicants to Chartered Director must be a member of the IoD, and must meet the eligibility requirements. These are: 5 full years' experience in a director level role, or 3 full years' experience in a director level role, plus a chartered professional qualification (via examination). You must also hold the Certificate and Diploma in Company Direction. Find out more about the eligibility criteria here.

  • Can I go straight to Chartered without the other stages?
  • No, applicants must have completed the 4 core modules that make up the Certificate and the Diploma

  • What time commitment is involved?
  • The standard route to the Certificate and Diploma qualifications is 14 days of work, which can be spread out over up to 18 months. However, the IoD offers a number of flexible routes to qualification, which can be explored in more detail here. The accelerated course is a 5 day residential course, followed by the 3 day Diploma in Company Direction course and the Chartered Director portfolio and interview. Chartered Director applicants must apply within 10 years from the date of completion of the Diploma in Company Direction.

  • Where can I take the Certificate and Diploma modules?
  • The Certificate and Diploma modules can be completed at any of our regional training centres: Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leamington Spa, London, Jersey and IoD Ireland. IoD franchises that offer routes to Chartered Director qualification regionally are: Loughborough University, Leeds Beckett University, Director Development Ireland Ltd (Belfast) and Salford Professional Development Ltd.

  • Where can I become a Chartered Director?
  • Chartered Director interviews are held frequently at the IoD's London office at 116 Pall Mall,a s well as venues in Dublin. Interviews can also be undertaken remotely.

  • Do I have to be an IoD member?
  • Yes, all applicants must be a full Member or Fellow of the IoD to apply for the Chartered Director interview. Membership is not necessary to complete the Certificate or Diploma in Company Direction.

  • Is it for my board or for me?
  • The designation of Chartered Director is awarded to individuals, but the skills and expertise gained will benefit their board, company and customers.

  • How much does it cost?
  • The cost of the full qualification from start to finish varies depending on your IoD membership status when you start the programme. Completion can be staggered over the course of months or years, so payment is not needed as a lump sum. To discuss the option of a payment plan, please speak to our sales team directly.

During and post-qualification

  • How many CDirs are there?
  • At present (Winter 2017) there are over 1450 fully qualified Chartered Directors across the world. The names of all of our Chartered Directors are displayed on an honour board in the IoD Academy at 118 Pall Mall.

  • How can I get involved at a local level?
  • Chartered Directors can attend, facilitate, publicise and organise regional meet-ups and networking events using IoD branding to share ideas with local peers and Chartered Directors. The IoD has regional chairs, who can be contacted at any time to encourage regional participation.

  • How can I publicise my achievement?
  • All new Chartered Directors are announced on the Chartered Director Network on LinkedIn, and are encouraged to circulate press releases or announcements around their business and to customers to celebrate their achievement. Chartered Directors can also offer their expertise via articles, speaking appointments and more, as a representative of the qualification and the IoD. The IoD PR and Press team can help to facilitate this as and where necessary.

  • How does this affect my IoD membership?
  • On completion of the Chartered Director qualification, all Members are upgraded to Fellows, and may use both CDir and FIoD after their names. They then receive the benefits of both CDir and the Fellow membership band.

  • How can I keep in touch with other Chartered Directors and The IoD?
  • Keep the conversation alive by joining the IoD Members Only and Chartered Director Network groups on LinkedIn, attend meet-ups and networking events, share contact details at conferences and sign up to receive Chartered Director emails and postal updates.