Kent Branch

Current branch membership is in the region of 1500, of which around 40 per cent are Chairmen, Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors and 45 per cent are non-executive or other titled directors.

The largest proportion of our membership comprises activity in the Banking, Financial and Business Services - 41 per cent, but we represent the full range of industry including Agriculture, Engineering, Construction, Transport & Communications, Manufacturing and the Service sector.

Individuals in our organisation lead companies with turnovers from 250K - 8 per cent, to over 500M - 2 per cent, with 37 per cent boasting turnover between 250K and 5M per annum and 28 per cent turnover between 5M and 500M. 40 per cent of our membership employ 25 people or less.

Female members account for almost 10 per cent and members under 40 years old account for almost 13 per cent, reflecting our initiatives to fully represent the movers and shakers in business today.

Our Vision

To be perceived as one of the leading branches in the UK, specifically to:

  • Increase relevant membership.
  • Activate a positive programme to retain members.
  • Increase member satisfaction of activities and services.
  • Increase representation amongst Kent's top companies.
  • Involve a greater proportion of members.
  • Introduce new youth and education initiatives.
  • Encourage young people in business.
  • Increase awareness in the business community.
  • Generate funds to improve membership services.
  • Facilitate change.

Our Sponsors

With the continued support of our main marketing partners we are the most successful, vibrant and thriving community of Kent businesses and all of which ensures you get such great value from our events and the activities of the IoD in Kent. Our thanks go to:


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