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Virtual open courses

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Virtual delivery

Our virtual classroom courses are designed and delivered by directors for directors. We have brought the in-training room experience to life as closely as possible - designing and delivering exceptional virtual experiences which focus on four key areas: 

  1. Interaction with the course leader 
  2. Connection with other participants
  3. Engagement with the platform 
  4. Seamless production support from our team of trained experts 

Certificate in Company Direction

The IoD Certificate in Company Direction - Level 9 (SCQF) and Stage 1 of the Chartered Director programme consists of four modules covering governance, finance, strategy and leadership. This internationally recognised qualification is underpinned by our Directors Competency Framework and provides you with a foundation in effective directorship whatever your profession, industry, location or sector.

What will I get out of the programme?

  • An in-depth view of the role, responsibilities and legal duties of a director
  • An understanding of the characteristics of an effective board
  • Sound knowledge of financial terms and concepts
  • The issues and processes associated with formulating strategic business plans and achieving strategic leadership
  • Enriched peer learning with directors across the globe
  • A qualification that is respected world-wide and sits as an equivalent to degree level

Take advantage of a range of flexible routes to qualification available across the UK, featuring a blend of digital and interactive virtual learning tailored to your level of experience, prior qualifications, career aspirations and learning style.

Your four steps to success

Award in Role of the Director and the Board

Understand your role, duties and legal responsibilities as a director and examine the board's role in corporate governance.

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Award in Finance for Non-Finance Directors

Get the skills required to evaluate the director's role and responsibilities in relation to finance, and the relationship between financial and corporate strategies.

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Award in Strategy for Directors

Get the knowledge and skills required to create, implement and evaluate your organisation’s strategy and lead the strategic process.

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Award in Leadership for Directors

Brush up on the latest leadership techniques from real world leaders and learn how to create influence, engagement and impact.

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Role Courses

Role of the Chair

The chair has a critical influence on a board's style, composition, balance and performance. This popular course provides a unique opportunity to review the chair’s role in light of current legal requirements and good practice.

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Role of the Non-Executive Director

This comprehensive programme is designed to equip you with practical strategies to build your network, raise your profile to secure an appointment, and add value in the boardroom.

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Role of the Finance Director

Learn how to balance the demands of this crucial and complex role, and ensure that financial strategies support the broader corporate aims of the business.

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Role of the Managing Director

Power your potential with this one-day intensive course designed to equip you with practical and pragmatic insight into the role and responsibilities of the managing director.

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Diploma in Company Direction

Now available via virtual classroom, the Diploma in Company Direction (Stage 2 of the internationally-recognised Chartered Director programme) – is an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge gained from the Certificate in a realistic and safe environment. It encourages peer learning and challenge through an engaging board simulation which mirrors the operation of a board within the context of the now new normal COVID-era of virtual and remote working. By replicating the issues of a real organisation, you will gain hands-on experience that will not only enable you to achieve a world-class qualification, but also enable you to make a significant impact on your board's effectiveness.

What will I get out of the programme?

  • An understanding of your board’s role, its dynamic, power, influence and conflicts 
  • Knowledge of important topics such as risk and crisis management, decision-making, mergers and acquisitions, and board performance 
  • An understanding of relevant techniques and tools to improve personal skills and that of the board 
  • Ability to evaluate and improve the performance of your board, its committees and individual directors

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2021 virtual development dates




Award in Role of the Director
and the Board (2 days)

1-2 February
15-16 February
22-23 February
03-04 March
17-18 March
29-30 March

Member: £2,475 + VAT
Non-Member: £2,975 + VAT

Award in Finance for
Non-Finance Directors (3 days)

1-3 February
10-12 February
01-03 March
22-24 March
29-31 March

Member: £2,745 + VAT
Non-Member: £3,300 + VAT

Award in Strategy
for Directors (3 days)

22-24 February
8-10 March
17-19 March
29-31 March

Member: £2,745 + VAT
Non-Member: £3,300 + VAT

Award in Leadership
for Directors (2 days)

08-09 February
01-02 March
11-12 March
22-23 March

Member: £2,475 + VAT
Non-Member: £2,975 + VAT

Diploma in Company Direction (3 days)

08-10 February
15-17 February

Member: £3475 + VAT
Non-member: £4225 + VAT

By purchasing all certificate modules upfront you will receive a discounted package rate. Examination fees for each certificate module are included, excluding any transfer or re-sit fees. Alternatively, you may book and pay for courses individually as advertised on course pages. For more information on booking examinations please click here or contact [email protected]. To book or find out more information about the Certificate in Company Direction please contact: [email protected].


Online exam preparation sessions

As part of your learning journey and to assist you in your preparation for the exam, we are running 2-hour exam preparation sessions, which will be scheduled in the fortnight preceding each certificate exam sitting. These sessions, delivered online via virtual classrooms, will be run by our course leaders in each of the four certificate subject areas, and will provide a valuable opportunity to practice and discuss a range of exam questions with a small number of your peers.

These sessions are included in your certificate course fees but need to be booked in advance. It is essential that you have completed the relevant course before attending the exam preparation session. Please click here for upcoming dates and booking information.

"The IoD’s certificate in company direction is a challenging, but equally valuable qualification. All of the presenters have a wealth of knowledge and experience, which they were able to bring alive in real life scenarios. 

I’ve learned a lot and participating has encouraged me to reflect on the value that I can bring to the different organisations that I am involved with, particularly as we try to rebuild better and emerge from the Covid-19 crisis."

Richard Johnston

Richard Johnston, Deputy Director, Ulster University Economic Policy Centre

Contact us

If you would like to discuss a new booking or talk through what the IoD offers virtually, then please contact our Professional Development team for advice, assistance or further information.