“The IoD is a policy voice for policy change” Sabrina Craciun, Senior Business Development Manager, Kline & Company

Sabrina Craciun, a senior Energy consultant for a thriving global intelligence company, believes she has the best of both worlds. She left her familial home of Romania a decade ago to complete her MBA in London and she continuously strives to achieve her professional goals. Sabrina embraces the internationally diverse cultural influences and opportunities of the city and decided to adopt the capital as her new home.

I always wanted to experience new ideas and surround myself with people who share the same values so becoming a member of the Institute of Directors was an easy decision and it has enabled me to do exactly that. I have met so many inspiring and like-minded people from all corners of the world. My experience as a member in the IoD gives me the satisfaction that I have my own personal UK mentor offering me support and pointing me towards many opportunities.

My early life and career in Romania certainly helped to centre my values and belief systems. Establishing myself from an early age in my native home, I quickly rose through the ranks in a male dominated environment to become General Manager of a national transportation company, CDI Transport. There was no known discrimination nor lack of opportunity, everyone was considered equal.

This is a tenet I strongly advocate and continue to promote now that I am an active member of both the IoD’s Young Executives and Glass Ceiling Group. The two special interest groups are the perfect forum to help develop and encourage young people on their journey and I am passionate about empowering young minds and promoting positive change.

The Young Executives Group aims to equip younger people with the skills they need to succeed in the future. I am also a keen supporter of women in business, which is why I joined the IoD’s new Glass Ceiling Group. I have met fantastic, capable and inspiring women who can achieve huge things in business but who may lack to some degree confidence in their own abilities.  The Glass Ceiling Group aims to address these issues and my research aims to shine more light on gender difference and how organisations can make small changes to help women.

I believe that achieving professional and personal success isn’t simply based on gender alone. Yes, gender differences do exist, but that does not mean men and women cannot work alongside each other and complement each other in the work space.

But for me, bridging the gender gap is not just about financial parity. Advocating for more practical corporate measures like the provision of creche facilities for example, and of easier access and transition to return-to-work schemes for new mothers, which would also allow fathers to share the parental responsibilities alongside their partner, are scenarios which need to be addressed more seriously by companies. And acknowledging wellness and health issues that impact women, for example, the menopause, and other compelling issues that impact the gender divide.

Organisations like the IoD play a crucial role in helping to close the gap. The IoD is a powerful voice for policy change. Things are improving, and I feel confident that through organisations like the IoD, more positive change can be achieved.

If you would like to take part in Sabrina’s Gender Difference research project for the IoD’s Glass Ceiling Group, please contact Sabrina at [email protected]

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