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Meet the new DG: Stephen Martin

29 Dec 2016

Belfast-born Stephen Martin takes over as IoD Director General on 1 February. In an exclusive interview, he talks to Director about governance, great leadership and why he went undercover in his own company.

Sitting in the restaurant in 116 Pall Mall, Stephen Martin reflects on the time, eight years ago, where he assumed a different identity and went undercover in his business Clugston Construction for a Channel 4 TV series. There was a scene where he was chatting to one of his unsuspecting co-workers about the then recession. His co-worker had commented “in other recessions, Woolworths didn’t go bust,” and Martin had replied, “these are unprecedented times.” Martin sees similarities today as Britain counts down to Brexit and it was this challenge that swayed his decision to take up the IoD role. “This is not business as usual,” he says. “It’s not just the UK that is going to change. Brexit is going to have global ramifications. What an exciting and challenging time to be involved in an organisation like the IoD!”

Stephen Martin talks about: 

  • His early life and career and the experiences that shaped him. 
  • His decade at Scunthorpe based Clugston Construction.
  • Why he chose to take part in Channel 4’s Undercover Boss – and what it taught him.
  • His passion for leadership and learning.
  • The importance of good governance for all sizes of companies.
  • His advice for business leaders as we prepare for Brexit.
  • What he is most looking forward to in his role as Director General.

Read the full article here

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